Homage to my Best Friend

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Jun 23, 2011
Everett, WA
Met my best friend, John Lee, when we were in 2nd grade, about 55 years ago.
He passed away (too young at 62) on April 7th, of Parkinson's Disease. I was able to say my good-byes the day before.
He would have fit in here very well. He loved bourbon, cigars, and BBQ. And most of all, people. We visited Louisville twice, doing the Bourbon Trail, and had many adventures together.


Of course I gave him the business for using a gas grill.
sorry for your loss. You are lucky guys to have a friendship that lasted that long.
Losing a good friend is tuff enough. I don't even want to think about losing my best friend! That I've done so much stupid chit with!
I like ragging him to much about having a gas grill that his wife has to cook on it for him! LoL
Thank you everyone.
Even when you know it's coming, you're still unprepared when it finally hits. At least his pain and frustration of not being able to communicate is over.

It's strange, and I don't pretend to understand Parkinson's. Over the last several months, he lost his mobility and his voice, could barely even whisper. But on occasion, when he smoked a cigar late in the evening, his voice came back to him for an hour or so. He was still in there to the end. His body just gave finally out on him.
Sorry to hear, it is devastating to lose your best friend you grew up with but he is pain free now and know he will be keeping an eye on you. . . :emoji_pray:
Sounds more hellova person and my kinda guy (bourbon, cigars etc). Way too young as many have mentioned but I'm in the garage reading this smoking a pork loin quick. Put the beer down and raised a glass for your friend. RIP sir.
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Took me a bit to collect my thoughts and memories.
You lost a lot and I am truly sorry for your loss.
Parkinson's is one of the living death afflictions akin to dementia, ALS, cancer, etc.
My brother was miles away for most of our lives so not close as a best friend. Lost him almost 2 years ago.
Moving around has meant friends come and go. Lost a friend, coworker, and neighbor in Seattle, but after we moved away. He was 52 so waaay to young.

When you get together with others leave an empty chair for him. He went on, but that doesn't mean he isn't still with you.
Sorry to get wordy.
Sorry for your loss! Too young to move on to the next life. Parkinson's eh? They have finally figured out what the causes Parkinson's.....if anyone is interested, pm me. I'll leave it out of this thread in honor of mneeley and his friend.
That stinks.
John Lee sounds like a great guy, and he might surprise you when passing through the veil to the other side… his gas grilling might be heavenly, and he might shame you!


Lost three people in the last week, all great people so I can relate.
Thanks for sharing.
RIP , John.
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