Sausage Casing Storage

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Apr 9, 2010
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I have a package of hog casings in a brine solution that has been factory sealed and refrigerated for the past five years. Life and pure laziness have gotten in the way. Trying to get back to doing all the things i used to do this year. Are they still good or should I throw them out? Cant remember where i got them but it was likely one of the reputable online places.
Still good.... They are packed in brine and the high salt concentration keeps them. I use a 1 gallon bucket with a snap on lid. I would just keep them in the package until you are ready to use them. But then put in a container, pour 1/2 cup of salt on them and fill the bucket up with water within 1/2 inch to the top. Store in fridge until the next time.
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That should still be good . Open them up .
Look through this .
Here ya go . I saved the bucket from TSM to store mine in , but you can read the label .
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