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This convinces me to grind my fat separately
To be clear, what I ground through the 3mm plate was about a 60fat/40lean trim mix. The lean helps the fat separate easily for better distribution. It also increases soluble protein for a better bind with the large chunks of meat. Grind first through 6mm plate, then through the 3mm plate....and make damn sure the meat/fat is below 32*F!! Preferably in the 30*F range. You will get a much better grind. Then chill it down to ~27*F stirring often to loosen the fat up. It should be crumbly and pebble like. will really mix easily with the lean like this.....you want it very loose!
edit to add: The fine grind on the fat allows it to marble in between the big chunks of meat.
I do this with several different sausages and it works very well. In some sausages beef lean can be mixed in the fine grind for its water holding ability, mostly though I find pork more than adequate. That combination of larger grind and fine grind really makes an excellent bind and very good texture.
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I should have waited for my porkapalooza.....

Might be porkapalooza 2.0 next weekend!! LOL!!
I want to make more tasso and have a couple salamis I am getting low on....pistachio and lemon, and pepperoni. I also want to revisit making a large diameter Genoa...4-5" diameter....
Pulled the tasso out of the fridge this afternoon. 6 days on the salt and cure so time to smoke...

In the Worcestershire and Hot Sauce mixture to wet the surface...

Then coat with the Tasso rub...

In the smokehouse....

And rolling smoke... using the same mix for smoke as the Andouille....
Tasso has been smoking for 3.5 hours so time to crank the heat up to 200*F for about 45 minutes to finish it. Pics. when I pull 'em from the smokehouse....
Waited few days to cold smoke the Nduja. This helped allow the casings to dry more and a cold front to blow through to push temps. down at night. Suppose to be down to 52*F tonight so perfect. Loaded up and ready to rock with some of Dave's pellet dust in the smoke tube. Using hickory but for this it really does not matter...used what I had made up already. You can see the casings really darkened up once they dried...
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