The bride pulled out a couple of steaks for "brunch" tomorrow

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Jan 4, 2014
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As the title says, my bride pulled a couple of Brangus steaks from the freezer and told me that she wanted me to make them for brunch tomorrow. She then asked if I would dry brine them overnight. Yes, that's the way she thinks, some here can vouch for that.

So I took the 2 ribeyes, after defrosting, that are about 1.25" thick and placed them on a rack over a 1/4 sheet pan, sprinkled a generous amount of kosher salt on them and placed them into the refrigerator in the shop until tomorrow morning around 10ish.

When I pull them from the refrigerator tomorrow morning, I'll add course ground pepper, granulated garlic, and a touch of onion powder. When they are about room temp, I plan to put them on the "cold side" of the kettle with 100% mesquite coals with a small chunk of mesquite for smoke. Once they hit 125 internal, I'll place them over the HOT coals and get a bit of a crust.

Stand by!
Smart idea!!! get the good food inhaled well before the game. That way you can enjoy the snacks during the game without feeling guilty(or acting like you feel guilty) for not making a good dinner.

Point for sure
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Im on my way over now! Better get a third steak ready! Gotta see the outcome of this one.
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Well, y'all have heard me say it before, life got in the way of some great plans... This time "life" was the bride wanting PIZZA for lunch and the steaks for dinner. OK, 24 dry brine isn't too bad...

Dinner time almost comes around and some neighbors call and say they want to take us out to dinner to thank us for helping with their animals... I tried to beg off, but it didn't happen, they did buy Mexican food at the local authentic joint, so I really can't complain about that part.

Fast forward to last night, 48 hours AFTER the dry brine started. I got home from work, pulled the steaks out to start to come to room temp and there wasn't a single crystal of salt left on the red meat. The surface was nice and tacky and I figured we would have some good steaks. NOPE!

I fired up the kettle with some charcoal in the upside down Vortex, and then added some mesquite chunks for smoke. I put the steaks on the "cool" side of the grill and waited until they hit 123 internal temp. Pulled them off, added more mesquite to get the fire going hot, and then seared the crap out of them.

They looked amazing, smelled awesome, and the sliced shot looked perfect; 1/8" smoke ring and perfect pink center for us.... But they were way to salty... We'll use them in a steak salad later this week...





Next time, the bride and the neighbors get overruled! Broke my heart to admit that this was steak salad fodder!

Before it's said, yes, I know, 48 hours is too long... I'm generally a 12-24 hours guy.
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Ah dang! I was hoping for a happy ending to this story! Well at least you can use them in a salad.

Damn, that sucks man. But it happens to the best of us. Steak salad sounds like a good way to make it right. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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