new shoe on ok joe ( one custom ) Home made . Made from pipe and steel and a good welder

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Original poster
Sep 6, 2010
balch springs texas
Hey all fellow bbq and low and slow smoker seller and custom one off makers .

I was very tire of my low and slow super old skool 1/4 steel smoker having the stupid plastic wheels, ( they look like crap .

I will up load my cook pics

enjoy all and keep on smoking
I just seen that I put tire over tired (crazy ) I am thank full for the kind words and the great site for smoker fokes are able to enjoy a common bond !!!!!!!!!!

Well your new shoes look awesome. They kinda look like the old Nike's I used to wear when I was skateboarding years ago. I really do like the set up that you have now. You will be able to sure spread the word of good Q around now.!!!!!!!
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Nice job. Looks like it should have been made that way from the start. definitely a great upgrade.
I have a brinkman I have picked up and have very good plans for that ole girl , That is gonna be a cash cow (this summer I have plans on foot ball games and base ball games , soccer games .

In texas I bet this could be a 400 600 dollar a weekend money maker !!!!!!

lol I would have hire some one to fix my smokers then !!!!!! couldnt do that .

ok back to work and making the smoking world a lil better place ............ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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