And The Enabling Continues: Hey Civilsmoker, I Got A New Toy (Couple Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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A while back I posted a few of the metal fabrication projects I'd done, one of which I believe was the 2nd cabinet smoker build. In that thread our very good friend civilsmoker civilsmoker posted links to several tools he had acquired, some of which I'd never seen or heard of. They are products by a company called Evolution and they specialize in steel fabrication tools, primarily saws. Two of those saws I ordered immediately and were delivered within a couple days. Those things made a huge difference in efficiency, quality, and most importantly, safety. All I had before getting those two saws was a Sawzall and 4 1/2" angle grinder to work with. Slow, tedious, and potentially dangerous so the new acquisitions made a massive improvement. Well, with all the stuff Tracy had me building for Christmas presents, it meant a lot of cutting angles...and I mean a LOT. One of the first saws I got could cut the angles but not on larger material and it was somewhat cumbersome. Did some searching and found a new toy that I just had to get. Gave most of my holiday bonus to Tracy to go do something fun (probably a weekend in Fredericksburg doing the winery tour) and used the rest to get this baby:



10" compound cross-cut steel cutting saw. Most of Steve's ( Steve H Steve H ) enabling has been food related but this kinda goes a different direction.....that is unless I use it to build more smokers and grills. Then it would be indirectly related to food I guess :emoji_wink: It got here a couple days ago and I used it for the first time yesterday. Oh baby!!! I am loving this thing. The angles are far more accurate, clean, and precise. I'm almost to the point of getting the same detail as working with high-end wood projects. This is gonna be a game changer for sure.

You can do a lot with that saw Robert, I used a 10" Makita for the compound angles involved with ceiling molding, was a money maker. Be careful! RAY
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Way to go Robert. Nice saw. Now we go down the "shop tool" rabbit hole. I have absolutely no "Force" when it comes to shop gadgets.
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I like the look of that chopsaw. Haven't used one myself but have used similar. Nice unit. A lot cheaper and more portable than a swivel head horizontal bandsaw.

I've got a metal cutting worm drive skilsaw that gets used all the time. I had no idea I'd use it that much until I bought one.

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