Need Advice on Foiling liquid for spare ribs with an herb rub!

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Nov 3, 2013
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Hey All,

Tonight I rubbed two racks of spares with an herb rub (no sugar) containing:

Kosher Salt

Garlic powder



black pepper

dried sage

anise seed.

They were coated with some olive oil, rubbed with the rub, wrapped in plastic and are in the fridge. My plan for tomorrow was going to be to smoke them for about 3 hours using some hickory and apple in the 225-250 range, then wrap them for 2 hours and then unwrap for the final hour (3-2-1).  Now since this is an herb rub and lacks the sweet element, what if anything should I use for a foiling liquid?  With my sweet and spicy rub I use apple juice but that doesn't seem to match the flavor profile I am going for.  Thanks in advance for your help!
Hmmmm, kind of an Italian blend for the rub.  How about a cheap rose', chardonnay, or port to add both sweetness and tanginess.  I've cooked beef, turkey, and chicken with red, rose', chardonnay, and port but never really gave pork a thought, but I like the idea!  The rose' and chardonnay would be less sweet, port the sweetest.  Go cheap though, cheapest you can find.  I always reduce them about 50% first on the stove before adding them to the meat.  If you go the wine route, definitely consider the reduction.  It intensifies the flavor and complements the meat better.
Wine is a great idea! I have used this rub on beef, chicken, and pork and it has a nice herb flavor. Usually with pork I use white wine for sauces and marinades. Do you think that would work? Should I reduce it as you suggested? Hahah I am stressing out about this and I probably won't even end up foiling them haha
Oh, don't sweat it!  Piece of cake!  Definitely go with the white wine!  A lot of liquid sweats out of the meat when they are foiled so I would absolutely do a 50% wine reduction.  I decided just recently on an 8.5 lb pork shoulder that wrapping it with a reduced apple cider/bourbon mix would have given it the flavor profile I wanted.  I've been out of town and out with the flu for the last two weeks or I would have already tried the reduction myself on another pork butt/shoulder with a standard rub.  No reason the wine reduction wouldn't work with ribs too!
I am definitely going to do the wine reduction when its time to wrap.  It's really windy today so keeping a constant temp is a fight.  With ribs, I usually go 220-240 range.  I am averaging more 240-260 today.  After the 3 hours of smoke I am going to wrap them and thrown them in a 225 oven for 1.5 hours, then unwrap and finish in the oven as well.  As I type this my smoker temp is plummeting hahah I better go and make sure the wind hasn't blown the flame out.  Thanks again for your help!  I will share pics later!
They turned out great! The white wine reduction complimented the rub really well... also since the ribs were not going to be sauced in any way the time in the foil really kept them moist. Sorry about the lack of pics! I usually post to the forum from my wife's ipad mini but my daughter dropped it and smashed the screen haha... Getting it fixed so when we get it back I will post some pics!
Fantastic!  I'll have to give my own suggestion a try.  Will probably use a pork tenderloin instead of ribs.

No worries about the pics.  I still don't have the habit of taking pics of what I've cooked.  Usually remember when it is already being digested. 
Well, I wanted to share a few images. Least I could do for the help you gave me! Wanted to do this early in the week but just got over the flu.

Foil time
And the final product...

Again, they turned out great large in part to your suggestion and help. Ate four of them while taking pics haha. Thanks again!
Outstanding!!!!  Looks great!  Love the picture of the "missing bite."  I swear I could taste it!  Thanks for sharing the pics.

I hear your pain on the flu WT.  Just getting over it myself.  Kind of takes away from smoking time but today's a new day!  Mexican pulled chuckies and Santa Maria tri tips are on the menu today with enough for leftovers during the week!

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