Spring time Pork Butt Smoke 7.7lb

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Sep 17, 2015
Hi all,
So I've been itching to do something this spring. Decided with a pork butt after going through a list of foods.
So on Thursday I pulled it out and injected it with a marinade of apple juice, apple cider vinger, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce and some of the rub. Then covered it lightly with the rub. Put it back in a vac-bag and in the fridge to let everything do its thing. Friday night after work is when it goes into the smoker. Count down begins. In the meantime I went and heated up my smoker and let it run for about an hour. Everything checked out good. It's ready.



Friday Night: With my auber pid unit I like cold smoking the first 2 hrs when the weather is cold enough still. Then the unit will start to ramp up to 225 over the next couple hours. I usually find the butts looking good in the morning nearing the stall point. How will it go this run? I've done butts and they hardly stalled and I've butts that sit for an hour or more doing nothing in temp. So enough of me rambling on. Here is my baby before going in the smoker.


So in the morning I had to add more pellets to my pellet maze. My actual temps were close to 250. I dropped my Auber-WS unit down some in temp. I would have known what my actual temp would reach had I looked at my notes on Rack positions vs temp settings. Simple mistakes sometimes can cost you. I got too relaxed in using my unit and not looking at my notes. Right now I'm live on the fireboard website also. Meat is looking so good. Here is a screen shot of the fireboard.


More to come!
Off to a good start and in for the finish.
I run 250-275 for everything lately. Same results and get there a little quicker.

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Off to a good start and in for the finish.
I run 250-275 for everything lately. Same results and get there a little quicker.

I'm used to low and slow. I'm in no rush for the finish line. Make the people wait and drool. Not that i haven't ran higher temp before. I like doing the all night smoking. Especially when temps cool at night. Thanks.
I'm into the stall point. Let's see what happens. I could cover and power through this point but I'm just going to let it go and take my dog for a short walk.
Pork butt finished up nicely. Pulled out when it was at 201 and covered with foil so it can rest. Made a slaw earlier and put in the fridge to come together. Made some jalapeño poppers and a pasta salad from the store. Toasted both the big buns and the sliders.

The meat now!


Ok now old school or just being cheap. I use 2 forks to break it all up.
Small batch at a time. I break it down then add the bbq sauce to it.


The bbq sauce I make myself. Bought Jeff's recipe years ago and tweaked it some for my taste. Still pretty close to the original. Just a little hotter. I think his sauce blends really good with a smokey flavor back drop.
So this was me and my wife's dinner.

I like the slaw on top. Seen this done on the food channel and decided to give it a try. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Anyway. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my smoke.
On to the pig feast again for more.
Looks to me like that's spot on for a great meal! I'm like you, I try to just let the butt decide when it's ready and not wrap or cover anymore. As for forks being old school, I'm in the same camp...

Like you, Jeff's sauce is good, but a few tweaks later it's awesome!
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Thanks guys. Some of the credits go back to here. Learned some great things here.
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