Bacon Grease Side Ribs In The Bradley Smoker

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Mar 7, 2018
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Have not done ribs in my Bradley in a very long time so I went to the store and all they had was side ribs. Not a big deal to me. Decided on the 3-2 1 method. Also decide when it came time to wrap them I would use butcher paper. These have to be some of the best ribs I have ever cooked in the bradley.
Temp was 230F*

Used a store bought dry rub that I have added to with different spices over time. Don't ask what as I cannot remember, I just go with the flow.

I did mop these after 2.5 hours, again I just used what I had but added the rub into the mop and some blueberry jam to sweeten things up a tad. Sorry no pictures of the mopping. Got busy watching Nascar.

So after about 3 hours or so I pulled them from the smoker and cut out 4 pieces of butcher paper with more rub and 3 good glulbs of bacon grease on it and place the ribs meat side down into it. Wrapped the four pieces up and back into the smoker meat side down.

Let that run in the smoker for about 2 hours give or take.
Pulled them out and into a small cooler wrapped in a towl for 30-40 minutes.

Got the deep fryer going for onion rings and dinner was served.



What are side ribs? Never heard that before. They look fantastic though!!
Nice and juicy. Good job on those ribs.

Point for sure
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What are side ribs? Never heard that before. They look fantastic though!!
Baby backs come from the back loin section and are smaller and more tender. Spare ribs, or side ribs, come from under the babies and are larger, tastier, and meatier, with a lot of bone and more fat. Depends on where you live and the butcher on how he lables them.
Thanks people.
I need to start writing down what I put in my mopping sauce recipes when I just use what ever I have in the house. This one was pretty darn good. LOL
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Nice batch of ribs, nice and meaty

I just started using paper instead of foil on the last batch I did . Not sure if I noticed any difference.
Will have to do many more testing to see for sure.

Ya from what I have read the paper allows the grease to escape leaving behind the favor. I have always used tinfoil but if you believe everything you read about tin foil its not really good for you.
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