meet the "skinwich" -- fair warning

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would you eat that?

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Jay - I used to be a big KFC fan but they have just gotten so inconsistant with their quality I stopped going. The last few times I went the chicken was so overcooked and dry, I tossed 1/2 of it
Ever since KFC went "fast food" to compete, their quality has gone down hill at the same grade as every other chain. Remember when you could get a bucket of chicken? What was that, 16 pieces or something? Heck the bucket was usefull when the chicken was gone.

Now they have to make new menu items with the same stuff that comes out of the back of the distribution truck. Taco Bell has the sam ol' ingredients and they invent a new mexican food every 6 months. Jack mixes his ingredients evey so often in an attempt to sell you something different. KFC is hosed. All they have is pre-cooked chicken and labratory biscuits to work with. What else can they do but make a sandwich out of skins?? LOL

You would think Americans would be self-concious enough to put fast food joints out of buisness. Instead, we pay gym memberships and eat crap..
Don't eat KFC to begin with cause everything they do taste like grease!!! I don't like the taste of grease myself but to each their own i guess.Would never touch that sandwich!!!
 Interesting "concept"! This skinny sammie is being served in cities that do not even exist? Pork rinds would taste better than that thing!!!

Jay you should of made a 3rd option or "HELL NO" LOL
Cardiologists should love this one...

Chicken Skin


well, the skin is the best part... yeah, I'd probably try it.  Full disclosure though, there's not much I wouldnt eat.  :)
My favorite part of fried chicken is the skin, I would eat it for sure....but I wouldn't make a special trip and order it off the menu. Hell I have eaten calf nuts, and blood sausage for gods sake!
I would eat it if I made it, but if KFC makes it, I'd have to go to the garage, and get out my hammer & cold chisel to cut through their breading, like the last time I tried KFC.

HAHA, I think TheDude was pulling a fast one. Take another look at the city names that are testing this "sandwich" and read them backwards. I really believe this was parody but I would be one of those who would try it!
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