Smoked/Grilled/SousVide Sirloin Fried Rice w/ Q-view

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Which Spoon is Gluten Free?

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Jun 1, 2008
Well if you have seen some of my last threads we have lots of food allergies in our house to include gluten, apple, dairy, and egg. There are more but these are the big ones that I have worked around.

So here is what I do for fried rice.

To start this is the first time since we moved that I have used the Pellet smoker. I got it up to 500° then put the sirloin on for 3-4 minutes a side to get it a good sear.


After this it came in for a rest as I wasn't cooking the fried rice until the next day. Because of the short time on the smoker and high temp this is why I said smoked/grilled in the title.

So today I fired up the Sous Vide at 137° and put it in for about a little over a hour to warm and finish. Here it is being sliced up by the Mrs. BTW this was a 3lb Sirloin

She did this while I was getting the stuff ready for the rice. Here is what we used. The bottle on the left is Tamari which is Gluten free Soy Sauce because normal Soy has Gluten. The containers are full of steamed rice made yesterday. The mayo container is actually Vegan Mayo as normal Mayo has egg which we can't have for the allergy folks. The only thing not pictured is the Yum Yum Sauce used for the non allergy folks. Also I used Garlic, Garlic Powder, and to the far right of the picture is veg oil.

Added the rice and oil. Got it warmed up then added the Tamari once it cooked down a bit and got all warmed up I added the frozen veggies. When that is done and warmed up I added some butter to a well in the rice on the non allergy one then I added the two eggs. Got them all mixed up well Then added the cubed Sirloin. On the non allergy one I added the yum yum sauce and mixed good. The allergy one I added a big dollop of vegan mayo and a little paprika. Mixed it all up. Below are the 2 rices. Can you tell them apart.


Now I wanted to know how close I have gotten the allergy one to the non allergy one so I had my wife do a taste test.


Now my wife said they are both really good but the allergy one was a little bland but that is not how she knew which was which.

Can you tell which is which? Answer on the poll that I have attached as to which spoon is the gluten free one.

Here is my dinner plate.

Thanks for looking. It has been fun adapting my recipes so that we can all eat them. BTW my wifes sister and her family have these allergies as well so it is nice to know everything im cooking they can eat.
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No I can't Brian, but you're doing a nice job of keep folks well fed and healthy! I'll take a stab at the one on the right. RAY
Looks great, Brian. I developed issues with gluten when I was in my 40s, so everything I cook is GF.
Thanks guys. Its fun trying to adapt these recipes. This one is good but I like adding some shrimp to it as well. Makes it better. Other thing I didn't have was onions to fry up and add in or some bean sprouts.
Both look good from here, but I agree with Adding Shrimp.
Adding Shrimp makes a lot of things taste better.
Also: We refer to that as "Flied Lice".

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Love me some fried rice and we always add fried egg to ours
I think it is the one on the left. Because it looks like a different rice on the left and the one on the right looks to have egg in it . But I am old and my eyes are tired ha ha .

Nice cook Brian

Yes you are correct. The right one had eggs so that was the normal one. My wife saw the eggs so she knew right away. Next time ill get her a bite with no egg.

On another note we have found someone local with duck eggs so i will use those next time in both.
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Brian, I know nothing at all about gluten so can't even hazard a guess. I will however say that both versions look fantastic. I'd not turn down a big plateful of either...gluten or not :emoji_laughing:

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