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  1. Just thinking ahead...I was asked to provide lunch for a disc golf tournament in late summer and I am putting together the logistics. Now, I know I can physically fit about 25 lbs of pork in the 'ole Brinkman Box, but would I have to use significantly more fuel for that amount of meat? I'm sure maintaining temps will be a lot simpler just due to sheer mass. I usually hit up only 5-6 lbs at a time. Any thoughts, suggestions?
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    It will take more fuel because you're raising the temperature of a LOT more meat. Not sure what kind of smoker you are using or the fuel type. I guess you're going with pulled pork? Your yeild once cooked will be substantially less than the precooked weight. I usually figure 50% to be on the safe side. Leftovers are NEVER a bad thing. Running out can be. You can cook the meat, store it then reheat before serving time but IMO it's always best fresh off the pit if thats an option. JMHO Also I would definitely use a finishing sauce. SoFLAQuers is great. Then serve the BBQ sauce on the side with sweet, spicy, and HOT sauces as options. In my experience with mixed crowds (men women kids) the sweet goes first at about 3 to 1. If it's just the guys the spicy goes about as fast. If it's a bunch of drunk guys the hot may keep up but it's rare that it does.
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    It all sounds logical smoking gun. I too would like it fresh I have used the finishing sauce and it is great! [​IMG]

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