I took a beginners sausage making class...

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May 14, 2016
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I took a beginners sausage making class about a month ago. The instructor is a professional sausage maker with over 350 world-wide awards, his own store and restaurant. He had impressive credentials and a helluva setup. I especially liked when he opened a programmable smoker with about $7,000 of bacon hanging in slabs (smelled amazing!!!) FWIW - they chill the bacon to 28F and then slice it (I asked).

Pretty much everything went as I expected with a few exceptions:

They used very, VERY little salt in their seasoning packets/ingredients as compared to anything I ever received from TSM, or anywhere else for that matter. I weighed 3 seasoning packets that I purchased to do 10 lbs of sausage each (30 total pounds) and the total, including packaging was only 277 gms. I mean it is, visually, mostly spices. None of these packets contain any cure...which brings me to the next item:
IMG_8916.jpg IMG_8914.jpg

They recommended Morton Tender Quick for curing salt to use exclusively for smoked/cooked sausage and cold-smoked hard salami sausage
Anyone use this cure exclusively for hard salami and also for cooked sausage? Thoughts? I personally use Cure #1 and #2 accordingly.

For their hard salami's they like to used beef-middle casings. These were hard to manage with one person - but we all helped each other. They were very elastic and no-one had a blow-out. They allowed us into a room where they were drying the hard salami...and it smelled amazing in there!
IMG_8734 (1).jpg

For jalapeno's - they always used dried jalapeno's and they like to rehydrate them with various germen beers. I liked this. I need to find dried jalapeno's.

Tasting their products was the most fun...they were pretty darned good.

Of the 25 that were signed up for the 4 hour class...21 showed. 3 of us had sausage making experience. We all made sausage as part of the class. I made jalapeno/cheddar, cold/smoked hard salami with 50/50 venison/pork. Surprisingly, I won the test-patty taste off. Everyone had a great time.

Some pics are attached of my hard salami from this class. Freshly stuffed. Cold smoked and maybe 12 days of drying. Today at 3.5 weeks of drying and down just over 40% in weight (smells amazing and I think the color is good). I had to hang this in a wine cellar area (coolest part of my basement). I have it sealed in a Ziploc bag and will let it mellow in the fridge for another week or so to even up the drying (I hope).
67120778049__54B92FCD-D26D-4D9E-B2BF-338C3E7FD802 (1).jpg IMG_8815.jpg IMG_8874.jpg
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Awesome . I've been looking over his website for years , and have thought about the class . Really glad you posted that you went .
Yes I have and do use Tender Quick for sausage . I like the texture it gives . It's a good product , and one you should try and see for yourself if you like it . I would take his advice for sure . I can buy it here , or at I least I could . Thanks for posting .
Nothing at all wrong with TQ if used as intended. This product is .5% nitrite and .5% nitrate the other is mostly salt with just a little sugar. Use this product in place of salt and cure #1 in recipes. It’s all inclusive as salt and cure. It works fine. This product makes fine meats.
They recommended Morton Tender Quick for curing salt to use exclusively for smoked/cooked sausage and cold-smoked hard salami sausage
Anyone use this cure exclusively for hard salami and also for cooked sausage? Thoughts? I personally use Cure #1 and #2 accordingly.
These are all I made with TQ, as far as Sausage goes;
They're all in Step by Step form;

Unstuffed Beef Sticks (All Beef)
Smoked Bear Logs (All Beef)
Smoked Bear Loaf (All Beef)
Smoked Mini-Bear-Loaves (All Beef)

Smoked Pepperoni (All Beef)

That is very cool Eddie!
What a great way to spend a day!
Can’t wait to hear how your salami urned out!
I've never seen a sausage making class, our community college has some evening food classes, everything from butchering elk and deer to making bread. I bet you picked up on all kinds of little tips and tricks.

I'm fine with lower salt, one of the reasons I shy away from pre-packaged seasoning mixes is the fact some are too high in salt.

Even though I prefer using Cure #, I recommended Tender Quick for many years mainly because it was easy to come by, and it was designed for home use with respect to easy measuring and Morton's had a lot of starter recipes. When I noticed how careless some online sources were with Cure #1, or would read posts where someone used 5X more Cure#1 than necessary, did I change my philosophy.

Dried jalapenos have the advantage of being very consistent on the heat level. Fresh jalapenos can vary widely on their heat. We buy chile powder made from Hatch green chillies that is a good product too.
Da wow! What lessons did you bring home? Nice salami

I noticed the seasoning packs still list salt as the first ingredient. It doesn't take much salt to be the #1 ingredient compared to the other actual seasonings.
I don't find their seasonings on the website. Was this a class offering only?
TenderQuick is an excellent product.

Some think it is too salty though.

I use it in summer sausage.

I wouldn't worry about the Sodium Nitrate if you are using TQ correctly.

We ingest Sodium Nitrate from vegetables, drinking water....
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