Had to make some sausage - Kabanosy, Spicy Sticks, Varmlandskorv, Slim Jimish Sticks & Sun Dried Tom

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by smoking b, Feb 1, 2013.

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    I was looking forward to Admiring your work this morning and you didn't disappoint. You are the man. I'm so glad there is a place like this on the web for novices like myself to watch, listen, and learn so much from such knowledgeable people. I've been a member here now for a few years and smoking just as long and I got to tell ya without this info here there is no way I would be doing some of the stuff I'm doing now. Don't get me wrong I have a lot to learn and am learning every smoke and every time on on this site however I feel a have years and years of experience just from all of everyone's info. Sorry got off track there. Great job B. can't wait for final pics.
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    Oooooo!  Looks good to me!  BUT....don't care for tooo hot ......Hot flashes would be awful!  LOL [​IMG]
  3. Thanks man!  [​IMG]    This is the best forum out there for this - Lots of good people here  [​IMG]
  4. Thanks Kat! If you don't like too much heat you can always tone them down - I just take it to extremes sometimes  [​IMG]
  5. Ok smoker has been warming up to 120* Gonna give the Spicy Sticks & Slim Jimish sticks a nice long smoke. I hung them for several hours to dry. Saving the Kabanosy for last. They will go in by themselves.  All the stick have had cure #1 added to them. The Varmlandskorv & Sun Dried Tomato Apple Chicken Sausage are fresh sausages without cure - they will not get smoked.

    Pics coming soon & updates to follow...
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    You planning on posting some Recipes? I did a search on the Varmlandskorv and got everything from Pork, Onion, Potato and S&P to a Recipe that puts more Allspice in 5Lb of sausage than I would want in 25Lbs...And I Like Allspice!...JJ
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    Yall are killing me!  I want SAUSAGES!  [​IMG]
  8. Yeah I can put the recipe up here in a bit - no problem  [​IMG]
  9. Ok - a few more pics

    Put them in the smoker for 1 hour with no smoke just to make sure they were good & dry.

    Now they are smoking away.

    Kabanosy hanging on my custom drying rack  [​IMG]
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  10. Probably gonna grill some of the fresh sausages tonight so I should have some updates on them as well.  I will post the recipes once I get back to the house as well as more pics...
  11. Ok since Jimmy wanted the Varmlandskorv recipe I'll start with it.

    1 lb lean beef

    1 lb veal

    1 lb pork

    1 1/2 lb potatoes

    2 medium onions

    7 tsp salt

    2 tsp allspice

    1/2 tsp sugar

    1/4 tsp white pepper

    1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper

    1/2 cup cold water

    Grind your meat together then grind the potatoes & onions together.

    Mix meat & vegetables together.

    Add spices to water then add to meat/vegetable mix & combine everything very well.


    I want to add that this sausage is great baked or broiled if you can't fry it. In case anyone decides to make it I also want to add that it doesn't keep long if you don't freeze it. You can keep it in your fridge for a day with no trouble - 2 at the very, very most & you need to store it covered in water while in your fridge.

    Be back with the other recipes...
  12. kathrynn

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    [​IMG].........???? for you.  I know Jimmy said he loves allspice.  How much would be tooooooo much of that for these.  I know allspice is a strong spice too.  Usually a little bit goes a long way.

    I thought the sage amount in Pops country sausage would be strong.  Its was not at all.  Newbie here to sausages.
  13. driedstick

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    Very nice post looks great [​IMG]

    you sure have been putting the meat thru the grinder lately good job 
  14. wes w

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    Jeremy this is awesome!   You have helped me with info about sausage that is beyond belief.   This is the icing on the cake.  Thank you so much.    I can't wait to do some of my own.  

    I agree with everyone else.  This site is outstanding!   I don't think I've ever met a more friendly and helpful group of people on a forum.   Jeff created it, but the people that run it are the ones that make it happen.  Thanks to all!  
  15. That is pretty much a personal taste type thing. As you said allspice is pretty strong & can throw off the flavor balance quickly if too much is used. That being said I try not to add more than about 1 gram allspice at the most per pound of sausage (roughly 1/2 tsp if you don't have a metric scale) for just about every recipe I make. As I said though that's for my own taste - you may like a lot more or a little less [​IMG]   but the g/lb works great for me to keep things balanced.
  16. wes w

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    I have another question.  You  hang yours in the smoker to dry without heat and no smoke.   With my smoker, I can't do that.  Are there other methods to make sure they are good an dry before smoking?  
  17. Hey Wes - I actually had the smoker at 110* when I first put them in. That was just to make sure they were good & dry but it wasn't entirely necessary. You can hang them up inside to dry or direct a fan to blow across them. Here is how I dried mine before putting them in the smoker - it's my custom drying rack  [​IMG]     [​IMG]

    These are the Kabanosy but I did the others the same way. Works pretty good  [​IMG]
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  18. wes w

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    When is it dry?  When the casing is dried out?    I've read if they're  not dry or not dry enough it leave a bad flavor.

    Love the hangers!
  19. Yup - when the casing feels dry. Dry casings take smoke MUCH better.  [​IMG]

    The hangers work good - they've been used for all kinds of stuff  [​IMG]
  20. Thanks man! I don't want the auger to seize up on it - I figure if I use it often enough it won't be able to  [​IMG]

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