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  1. Cj7851

    Antique cook books for Christmas

    An early Christmas present from my grandma. A couple recipe books that her mom (my great grandma) had one of which has several hand written recipes including a couple for sausage. Going to have to do some work to be able to fully read them as they are quite faded.
  2. L

    Venison Summer Sausage

    This is my first attempt at venison summer sausage. Got the meat, spices and cure mixed. Wrapped it in plastic stuck in the fridge. Recipe called for letting it sit for 12-24 hours. I'm using Anthony's Pink Curing Salt #1. Problem is, it looks like work is going to interfere with the timing...
  3. thirdeye

    Sausage Sliders For Football Pot Luck

    My local watering hole has pot lucks on a few football Sundays, so I smoked some fatties and made sliders on Kings Hawaiian rolls. I usually use Jimmy Dean Regular, and season with cracked pepper and at least one BBQ rub. The logs take right at 3 hours with a pit temp of 225°, to reach...
  4. Cj7851

    First time venison sausage

    Just finished some Hickory smoked venison Andouille.
  5. disco

    Maple Breakfast Sausage from left over pork.

    On my trip to Butte, Montana for a curling bonspiel, I found a nice whole pork butt. They are hard to find here and I really wanted one for a recipe I had for a coppa from the whole butt (look for the post soon). However, I still had about 1.7 kg (4 pounds) of pork left from the butt after...
  6. tropics

    Lil Smoky Kebabs

    Had a package of the lil smokies left that I pickled 2 weeks ago Finished picking eggplant and peppers from the garden on to the skewers for an easy dinner Had the grill cranked up to 350°F no pic These didn't take very long Served with some Anaheim Poppers Wife wanted the eggplants grilled...
  7. hoity toit

    In the spirit of Wurstfest 2019

    In the Spirit of Wurstfest , the annual 10 day salute to sausage festival in my hometown of New Braunfels, Tx. , I made a few rounds of Bratwurst this morning. All this before 10:30am. Tamales are next because Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and store bought tamales just don't cut it for...
  8. xray

    Sausage and Kale Soup

    Here’s a good and hearty soup that I shared with @tx smoker. It can be made with a variety of sausages. My wife and I make this a few times during the winter months. It’s a soup we keep coming back to. Sausage and Kale Soup 1lb. Smoked kielbasa or other ringed sausage, cut into slices or...
  9. GreytQ

    Canning red beans with ham hock, sausage and bacon

    Ball has an outstanding recipe for Louisiana Red Beans canned with ham hocks, smoked sausage and bacon. I've made this twice over the last couple of years and it is truly amazing. I made it with store bought bacon and ham hocks but used my homemade smoked Andouille sausage. The most recent...
  10. A

    Salt Pork vs Fatback

    Any thoughts on using salt pork vs fatback as an ingredient in home made bratwurst? I am smoking them and am using mostly pork shoulder and some hanger steak. many of you have given me helpful thoughts in another post. thanks
  11. A

    Smoking Homemade Bratwurst without casing...

    I have never done this but am excited to make my own brats with pork and beef and smoke them. I don't like casings so am going to form "logs" (maybe the shape of a Twinkie) and smoke them. My plan is to refrigerate after forming so they can firm up, then place them on the smoker and likely...
  12. WI_GameMeats

    Onion and Garlic Brat Patties - Venison and Pork

    Thawed out meat and got supplies ready to stuff roughly 12lbs of brats. Then it hit me that I really didn't want to dirty the stuffer, so patties it was. Recipe is as follows: 7.5 lbs Ground Pork 4lbs Ground Venison 1lb Pork Fat 1/2 cup plus 1 tsp (2tsp per pound of meat) - P.S. Seasonings...
  13. radioguy

    Like my new Lem

    Just a quick post. I made 15lbs breakfast sausage with the new Lem 1606. First time with sheep casings . Had some learning curve but before long it all was stuffed. I do need some more practice on the linking. Really do like the AC Legg #10 mix. RG
  14. disco

    Maple Breakfast Sausage

    I love breakfast sausage. How could it possibly be better? Add some maple syrup! Breakfast sausage is savoury and rich with a nice touch of saltiness. This goes so well with a touch of smooth maple sweetness it is almost too good! Whenever you make sausage, you want to keep the meat very cold...
  15. 12ring

    Deer brat pics and a question.

    I made 6lbs of deer/pork brats. I bought the High Mountain brat kit from Cabela’s. I used 3 pounds of Deer, 1lb ground pork and 2lbs pork fat. The hog casings came with the kit. When we pressed the sausage I felt they were to fat. I barely held pressure on the casing while pressing. When I...
  16. xray

    SV Apple Sausage with Kraut and Potatoes.

    I figured I’d bust out the SV for yesterday’s dinner as I was stuck inside because of the storm. I decided to make sausage, sauerkraut and potatoes. I had all the ingredients on hand. One of the things I like to do during a big snowfall is purposely avoid going to the store to stock up, but...
  17. rwilli

    Santa Came Early

    After my last effort of stuffing sausage with a grinder attachment, I asked the Santa for an actual sausage stuffer, and he (She) delivered: This thing made stuffing sausages so much easier---worth every dime. It took less than 5 minutes to stuff 6 pounds of Brats. in addition to the green...
  18. tropics

    Turkey Sausage Stuffing step by step

    I have posted about this but I realized I never made a step by step 2 lbs Jamestown Sausage (use what you like) 1 large white Onion(medium diced) 2 Carrots (diced) 5 Celery Stalks (diced) 7 Medium size Red Potatoes Peeled(medium diced) Potatoes Saute Carrot & Celery for a few minutes I used...
  19. catsass

    Smoked Farmers Sausage How To Video

    My buddy Al is a retired sausage maker, so we drank some whiskies and put the video together while making some smoked farmers sausage at his place. Was a lot of fun. Thought some of you might get a kick out of it.
  20. nkpal624

    Scotch Eggs & Armadillo Eggs

    Today I am trying a couple of appetizers/small plates out on my new MES 130b. This is the first time I have attempted either of these and it's the first time on the new smoker so we will hope all goes well. The scotch eggs are simply hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sweet italian sausage. Next...
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