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  1. thirdeye

    Country Style Bologna ~ Cold Smoked ~ Sous Vide Finish

    Years ago I gave up on emulsified meat for my frankfurters in lieu of a double-grind of my pork and beef.... and since they are similar products the same holds true for bologna. This weekend I tweaked my frankfurter recipe and made two chubs of bologna to test out. My recipe has about 15...
  2. D

    Cure for Venison Bologna

    My family and friends in my hometown have been making the same cold-smoked “deer bologna” as we call it for several generations. The recipe calls for 30 lbs of meat/fat, 8 oz salt, 2-3/4 oz. garlic salt, and a few other ingredients for flavor. The mixture is then stuffed into hog casings and...
  3. jjpiv33

    Induction top for poaching sausage

    I do not have a Sous vide machine, but I do have a commercial induction top I use for catering events. I'm thinking it'll be fine for poaching some chicken sausage I plan to make this weekend. Thoughts? Also, please give me some of your favorite recipes for chicken sausage. I have found many on...
  4. jjpiv33

    Skins on snack sticks

    I was cleaning out the freezer and had some beef, pork and venison so i decided to head on over to basspro and pick up a snackstick kit (spicy) I got hi-temp cheddar and dried jalepenos. Watch some vids (bearded butchers) on making snack sticks and read the one paragraph directions. ground the...
  5. B

    First ever bacon explosion/ "fatty"

    Took over 2 hours because I didn't put in enough charcoal. Had to finish over propane. ... worth every freaking minute. No BBQ sauce, just a basic rub, charcoal, and mesquite. 10/10, doing it again!
  6. disco

    Armadillo Eggs in the Shell

    If you haven’t heard of Armadillo eggs before, they are a cheese stuffed jalapeno wrapped in sausage and smoked. While they are very tasty, I decided they would be better with a seasoned crispy crust. Welcome to Armadillo Eggs in the Shell! I used my OFG Breakfast Sausage for the sausage but...
  7. SmokinAl


    We make this all the time, but this time I changed a couple of things in the recipe & really like this one. Here is the new recipe, now remember it's just Judy & I so this is a small meatloaf. But you big eaters can certainly scale it up. My favorite meatloaf 1 lb ground brisket 1 lb ground...
  8. zzerru

    Hearty Maple Breakfast Sausage

    Just got a hog processed and I needed to clear out some pork from the freezer, so I decided to make breakfast sausage. I still had some maple syrup left over from bacon making, so I used that to give it some sweetness. The seasonings laid out for 10lbs of sausage: 1 c Grade B maple syrup...
  9. S

    Collagen casings, any tips to make less chewy

    I really like the ease of stuffing sausage using collagen casings but I find they can be a little chewy, however my fingernails are growing great! Anybody have any tips to soften them up? I just load them up right out of the packaging dry.
  10. disco

    ABT's and Sausage Balls for a Distancing Party

    Six of us got together for a distancing party. Everyone brought their own beverages and glasses. We kept a safe distance (including She Who Must Be Obeyed keeping her distance from me for other reasons) and I made ABT's and Sausage Balls that were never touched by me and the people served...
  11. M

    Hot Dog concerns

    I recently made hot dogs for the first time. Everything appeared to be great, great grind, smell, everything but the finished product is kind of tough. I used 80% beef cross rib and 20% fat. Ground three times, twice through a 4.5mm plate to finish. Recipe was as follow: 7.33 kg of meat and fat...
  12. disco

    Irish Sausage

    Saint Patrick’s day is coming. Many make Corned Beef and Cabbage or Irish Stew but how about making an Irish breakfast. In this post I will make Irish Sausage and in the next I will make Boxty Bread. I will start about what makes an Irish sausage. Just like there are many different varieties of...
  13. disco


    I had neighbours who made Kielbasa. It is a Polish sausage. I have always loved it and have tried to make it several times to improve the final product to what I wanted. In doing my research, a lot of modern recipes call for additives to improve texture. However, I wanted a more traditional...
  14. R

    Smoked Kielbasa - Rendered fat under skin/casing? Sausage newbie (Updated thread title)

    Hey folks. got into sausage making only recently, but have really taken to it and am really enjoying myself, plus making some pretty great product (if I do say so myself). Recently made my 2nd batch of kielbasa. A lot of recipes I've found here and elsewhere reccomend to finish bringing the...
  15. browneyesvictim

    My Cheap Turkey Post

    After the holidays, turkeys go on sale and I stock up the freezer! At 69¢ a lb. it makes a great smoking bargain! I would venture to go out on a limb and say, that other than the holidays, its not a regular "go-to" BBQ item you see too often around here. But I'll make my case here in that turkey...
  16. disco

    OFG Trail Bologna

    First, I apologize for being MIA the last month or so. Age and circumstances overcame me. Life is improving except for heavy snow here in the Canadian Rockies today. Trail Bologna is an all beef sausage that originated in Trail, Ohio. You can still buy Troyer’s a brand from one of the original...
  17. chopsaw

    Pretzel wrapped Pepper Jack Bratwurst .

    Fun cook to do , and something different . Had some homemade Brats I wanted to use up , but no buns . So I made up some dough . I make dough almost every week . Use what I want , then rest goes in the fridge . Pulled away from sides of the mixer nicely . Cover and let rise . Homemade Brats ...
  18. Cj7851

    Antique cook books for Christmas

    An early Christmas present from my grandma. A couple recipe books that her mom (my great grandma) had one of which has several hand written recipes including a couple for sausage. Going to have to do some work to be able to fully read them as they are quite faded.
  19. L

    Venison Summer Sausage

    This is my first attempt at venison summer sausage. Got the meat, spices and cure mixed. Wrapped it in plastic stuck in the fridge. Recipe called for letting it sit for 12-24 hours. I'm using Anthony's Pink Curing Salt #1. Problem is, it looks like work is going to interfere with the timing...
  20. thirdeye

    Sausage Sliders For Football Pot Luck

    My local watering hole has pot lucks on a few football Sundays, so I smoked some fatties and made sliders on Kings Hawaiian rolls. I usually use Jimmy Dean Regular, and season with cracked pepper and at least one BBQ rub. The logs take right at 3 hours with a pit temp of 225°, to reach...
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