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  1. tallbm

    5.5 Inch German Bologna (Venison) Smoked then SV with QView!!!

    I did it! 20 pounds of venison German Bologna in 5.5 inch fibrous casing, smoked then SV!!! Pics 1st then the write up! Saturday I mixed and stuffed these big fattys! 80% pure venison and 20% beef fat ( well 1 pound of 80/20 beef since I was a pound short and needed to get to 20...
  2. F

    Curing sausage and seems to be growing mold?

    Been curing sausage in my cantina. They have been in for around 8 days. They seem to be growing some sort of mold and I cant find another picture/description of it online. Can anyone help with what this may be?
  3. T

    Beaver cooked prior to grinding

    I'm new to sausage in general. Been trapping beaver for the state for 3 years now. I always just made jerky or burger out of them. You'd think theyd have a good yield. However a 50 pound beaver might yield 15 pounds of very lean beef like meat. However I would like to expand my repitore a bit...
  4. ronzwood

    Celery Sausage

    I have been hooked on smoking celery sausage that I found in a local grocery store. Of course the package does not list all of the ingredients. Does anyone have a recipe to make celery sausage? I have searched the internet extensively and cannot find anything. Thanks. UPDATE: We did make...
  5. jjpiv33

    Need help - what's the best maple season

    Killed a good size boar this weekend. Got a request to do some maple breakfast sausage. I'm torn between AC Leggs, or PS Season. What's yalls opinion.
  6. Quicker with liquor

    Hola from Ontario, Canada, EH.

    Hello every one! I stumbled across this forum just a few hours ago while I was sucked down a rabbit hole on the interweb. make my livin building out of timber and logs for 25 years, but i have always had a passion for the BBQ ( real bbq, not that gas grill crap) , as well as for curing meat...
  7. wesir

    Sodium Erythorbate/Cure Excellerator

    Anyone familiar with Sodium Erythorbate/Cure Excellerator usage? I've only ever used encapsulated citric acid and was looking for some clarification on usage, tried contacting Walton's customer service and the person pretty much just copy/pasted the instructions from the store page...
  8. Y

    Instacure #2 question

    i have a few clarifying questions about Instacure #2. Some say that you should not consume anything that has cured less than 30 days with Insta #2, I've also seen recipes that suggest using Insta #2 but then say it may be done in three weeks. Does it have to be 30 days to be safe? Or is if the...
  9. DougE

    More Kielbasa

    I had posted a pic of the sausages I stuffed in the other thread yesterday, but didn't want to hijack his thread. I used the recipe posted on @Cajuneric s site (Two Guys and a Cooler) with a couple changes. I dialed down the salt to 1.5%. and the sugar to 0.75%. I also used potato starch at 4%...
  10. L

    Smoking Large Amounts of Sausages at once

    Folks ! I have what I’m sure is a very straightforward question. I have been making sausages for a while professionally here in Sydney and run a small bar/brewery/restaurant called ‘The Sausage Factory.’ I’ve never smoked them before and well., bloody want to. I’ve researching options for a...
  11. N

    Sausage Stuffer

    I stuffed my first sausage yesterday with my Lem stuffer. While stuffing I had a major problem. It takes 3 hands because of my kitchen situation. I can't hold the stuffer, turn the crank, and hold the casing on the spout all at the same time. All of my counter tops are granite and they...
  12. Cajun Smokes

    Coconut / Pineapple sausage assistance

    Been working on pineapple sausage lately. So far I am satisfied with the flavor profile but still looking for that next level. Just came to me, how would coconut taste in pineapple sausage? Seems logical, they are paired together all the time with satisfying results. Here is my road block, how...
  13. S

    Too Much Smoke

    My wife decided we should start eating grass fed/grass finished meat, so now our freezer is full of a 1/4 beef & 1/2 a cow. This weekend we're smoking a small ham (more precisely, a piece of a larger ham) and a blade roast. As I got the roast out of the freezer I saw a package of potato...
  14. jjpiv33


    I'm not really sure where this thread belongs, so if i need to move it please tell me. I've making a lot of sausage this summer, Venison, pork, beef and chicken. Everything from British bangers, to kielbasa, to Texas beef sausage. I am definitely getting better with my technique, but i would...
  15. disco

    Improved OFG Breakfast Sausage

    I have been making my OFG Breakfast Sausage for years. It is based on Pop's recipe. I love it. However, I have a mental problem that makes me want to improve every dish I try. I thought about anything I thought could be better in the sausage. I did have one thing. I have made the sausage with a...
  16. disco

    OFG Smokies

    First, let me apologize for my absence. Life has been interesting and my Traeger has been out of action due to a lack of parts. I have made hot dogs, summer sausage, snack sticks, and more. For some reason, I never got around to making a smokie. I don’t know why. I love smokies. My good buddy...
  17. L

    smoker recommendation for low-temp sausage smoking?

    New to the forum here! So please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place. I have been making fresh, unsmoked sausage for more than 20 years, and I think I'd finally like to get a smoker. I MAY hot-smoke some, but my main goal is to poach and then cold-smoke. I have done a lot of...
  18. thirdeye

    Country Style Bologna ~ Cold Smoked ~ Sous Vide Finish

    Years ago I gave up on emulsified meat for my frankfurters in lieu of a double-grind of my pork and beef.... and since they are similar products the same holds true for bologna. This weekend I tweaked my frankfurter recipe and made two chubs of bologna to test out. My recipe has about 15...
  19. D

    Cure for Venison Bologna

    My family and friends in my hometown have been making the same cold-smoked “deer bologna” as we call it for several generations. The recipe calls for 30 lbs of meat/fat, 8 oz salt, 2-3/4 oz. garlic salt, and a few other ingredients for flavor. The mixture is then stuffed into hog casings and...
  20. jjpiv33

    Induction top for poaching sausage

    I do not have a Sous vide machine, but I do have a commercial induction top I use for catering events. I'm thinking it'll be fine for poaching some chicken sausage I plan to make this weekend. Thoughts? Also, please give me some of your favorite recipes for chicken sausage. I have found many on...