Had to make some sausage - Kabanosy, Spicy Sticks, Varmlandskorv, Slim Jimish Sticks & Sun Dried Tom

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  1. Ok here are the spices mixed up for the Slim Jimish sticks.

    Waiting for the water.

    Getting started.

    Done mixing - nice & sticky.

    And here are the Slim Jimish sticks stuffed.

    Updates to follow...
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    How are those casings working for you?
  3. They are working great! They're stronger than I was expecting they would be too. Thanks  [​IMG]   I just finished stuffing the Kabanosy. I figured I might as well save the best sticks for last  [​IMG]    Now it will be natural casings for the last two sausages...

  4. Not a very good pic but here is the spice mix for the Kabanosy.

    Ready to mix.

    Stuffer ready & waiting.

    Done mixing & ready to head to the stuffer.

    Kabanosy stuffed - can't wait  [​IMG]

    Different view of the Kabanosy.

    Ok down to 2 more sausages - natural casings for both.

    Updates to follow...
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    Kabanosy looks great!  I decided to make a few sticks as well

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  6. WOW! I need to be RIGHT THERE in that corner!! [​IMG]   That is sweet!  [​IMG]       Thanks Shannon  [​IMG]
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  7. Ok - got the Varmlandskorv wrapped up.

    Beef at top left, pork at right, ground potatoes & onions in the middle.

    Fairly light seasoning on this type of sausage.

    Beef, pork, potatoes & onions mixed together - no spices yet.

    Spices added, everything mixed well, good & sticky - ready to stuff.

    Natural hog casings for these sausages.

    Loaded on the tube & ready for action. I will tie it off right before the meat comes out the end of the tube.

    And here is the Varmlandskorv stuffed.

    Closer view.

    Ok one more to go.

    Updates to follow...
  8. Awesome post Smoking B! Great inspiration and tutorial!

    I gotta know something.

    Those veggies, you ground them in your meat grinder?

    And... I remember you saying you were patient... You got tired of waiting, you're gonna make sausage balls, aren't you? ;p
  9. Looks real good!

  10. chef jimmyj

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    Geez....Give a guy a Fancy new grinder and he goes Hog Wild!  Lookin' good neighbor...JJ
  11. Thanks Mel  [​IMG]

    Yup I ran the taters & onions through together for the Varmlandskorv then ran the sun dried tomatoes & onions through together for the Sun Dried Tomato Apple Chicken Sausage.

    Actually I saved a lb of the ground pork to make a fatty & a 1/2lb for breakfast but the breakfast isn't written in stone & I  HAVE been mighty curious about sausage balls...  [​IMG]
  12. Thanks Martin!  [​IMG]
    Thanks Jimmy!  I figured if I made a bunch of stuff it would help me get my MES broken in & properly seasoned  [​IMG]
  13. I had to eat some soup before I made the last sausages. I was starved & it was way too hot so I had to drain the broth into a different bowl so they would both cool faster - Like I said, I was starving  [​IMG]

    Soup was really good though once everything cooled enough to be able to add the broth back...

    Anyways... Moving on...

    Here is the ground chicken - white & dark meat mixed together.

    After adding the sun dried tomatoes & onions.

    Here is the spice mixture.

    Adding the diced apple pieces.

    Added the spice mixture & continued mixing. Almost ready to stuff but not quite sticky enough yet...

    And here they are stuffed.

    Closer view.

    One more...

    Updates to follow...
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    Do folks even know what Chicken Corn Soup is outside of Central PA or one of the other Amish settlements? Looks to me like you Cheated! I don't see no Rivels...[​IMG]...JJ
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    I was drinking a certain beer while reading your post..

    I thought I'd draw you a picture of what I was thinking while reading your Awesome post!  Nice work!

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  16. Nope - none in there. I was too hungry & had too much other stuff going on to make them.  [​IMG]
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    Jeremy....  I ain't been countin'... You must be wallerin' in sausage by now...     How many pounds in the last few weeks ??  200??  300???     

    It sure looks good...   [​IMG]  ....   Dave
  18. Thanks Dave!  I am starting to get a reserve built up in my freezer  [​IMG]   I can't go back to store bought after "crossing the line" & making "REAL" sausage   [​IMG]    I don't have as much left as you might think though - I've sure been eating a lot of it  [​IMG]
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  20. [​IMG]    [​IMG]    I like that! It's made me laugh a couple times now - Thanks!  [​IMG]

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