Got bored - Threw a dart in the search bar

Discussion in 'Pork' started by wimpy69, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Had two St. Louis racks , acouple cans of beans and just felt like something different. So off to the search bar, typed in "rib rub"and "beans". Randomly hit one of each and off I went. Used "cliffcarter's" rub (which we all enjoyed) and Gary's Smoked Baked Beans w/rib trimmings which I will make again. Enjoyed everyone else's flavors and was a nice change of pace. Thanks for sharing.
  2. uncle eddie

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    It looks great!  St. Louis style ribs are my fave too.  Points for the effort!
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  3. Dang, that was a bold move ! I'm not nearly well enough stocked or equipped to play that game....yet.
  4. myownidaho

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    Tasty looking meal! Search roulette rarely steers you wrong here.
  5. smokinal

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    Good looking meal!

  6. Thanks Al, nothing but gnawed bones in the bowl when we were finished.
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  7. Been playing recipe and technique roulette all summer off this site..NO COMPLAINTS...
    AND I've learned some things along the way.
    Stepping out of my "comfort zone" has been a lot of fun this summer.

  8. halfsmoked

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    Great job hard to beat Gary's beans.  [​IMG]


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