Ok here we go the ribs and beans are live

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Jan 1, 2020
Sacramento, Calif.
Hey All,

So, time to do some St. Louis ribs again. I have only done them once usually it's baby backs... I cut the flap off and trimmed it a bit and pulled the skin was kinda fatty. I' am gonna make some cheating pork and beans while I cook it so I'll use the extra little bit of meat for that. I cut em in half so I can do half buttery steak from kinders and half prime from PS Seasonings. I squirted some Bachan's on em and am just gonna let em site till tonight and do em after it cools down like 2 am lol. Honestly I could probably cook em this afternoon if I just slapped em on a sheet pan and left em outside... Been over 100 for like 6 days Tuesday was 118... I mixed some of that hot honey bee sting from PS Seasonings with some bourbon and molasses rib glaze from Kosmos. I didn't like either on it's own but mixed should make for a great glaze.

For the beans I usually use pintos and start from scratch but I' am just gonna use some bushes Steakhouse recipe and add some jalapenos, bacon and sweet onion. I might put a little of that hot honey bee sting and brown sugar in there from PS Seasonings. I will update in this top thread..

Fri 0006 pacific.

Well we're about ready to light her up. In got the MB 560 all cleaned up. I had to oil the grates a little I haven't used her in a month or two or something lol. I got both apps working great but i' am gonna go with the new orange one.

The slab with the yellow tint is the buttery steak from Kinders I put a toothpick in it to tell it apart. Updates to follow up here with time stamps.

So 0330 here been on close to three hours. Pulled the scraps and bacon for beans. I got my foil pan ready with sauce butter and brown sugar... I' am about to pull and wrap em.. I will post pics of them as I' am pulling em off..

0355 just pulled to wrap and take beans off. I would have cooked the beens about half the time maybe... Ribs look good.. See you in an hour.


came out good fob... I put the last three pics at the end. Thanks for watching. Oh and the rub glaze mix was awesome just the right amount of hot sting to it with some legs.


bout to wrap.jpg
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I pulled the bacon and trimmings for beans but not put em in the beans yet, Spritzed with apple juice, acv and some bachans and brown sugar.. The marinade... with some more apple juice put in it. I might run outta charcoal only had enough for about 5 hours. We'll see how it goes. No biggie to finish in the oven if I have to except the messy sheet pan.
Looks great, I like fob or boneless like these. Hoping to do my first cook on MB800 this weekend and this might be it.
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They look perfect to me, I'll take 2 ribs. Curious as to the flavor difference with the Kinder's...
Kinders was sweeter with a little funk like aged meat kinda funk... same sauce on both ... I tell you the mix of them two sauces is my new go to Frankenstein bbq sauce.

Oh and honestly, I threw the beans out lol they were way way overcooked :<(. It made me cry a little not gonna lie. I made some macaroni salad to go with it and i will make some corn bread in a bit
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So the Kinder's was your favorite? Food looks great...
Well, I don't know if I would go that far honestly the glaze/bbq sauce packed some pretty good flavor. That was just the observation out of the bottle. Weather the smell of the butter translates into any meaningful flavor i would have to do something using only the rubs. I also used them both sparingly compared to my usually liberal method. I had one rib section of each and I didin't see anything ijn the flavor profile of either jump out at me. i usually use the kosmos chipotle honey killer bee though so I was trying to go with something less powerful which I think these add. Just a compliment of flavor vs a smackdown of flavor lol
I shoulda known three hours for precooked beans was too much lol my bad... I was lookin forward to the beans too ;<(... I been cooking ribs at a little higher temp than I usually do like 250-275 and they have been turning out a lot better. Never the same temp the grill probe says way up on those higher racks lol. Thanks for all the views likes and advice i couldn't do what i do without the help you guys offer
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