I made RIBS!

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Mar 14, 2021
Hadn't used my MB 560 in a good while, I promised ribs to my best friend (she loves ribs) of course, I struggled for 30 minutes trying to get the fan to kick on. I was literally going to give up and tell her I'll take her to a good local BBQ spot. When it just magically started working. This cook also taught me if you put baked beans in a pot under the ribs they become even better from the fat that drips off the ribs. Something so simple, but I'd never thought of it. I think next rack I'll see if rib fat drippings make smoked mac & cheese better. Is there anything that wouldn't be better with pork fat though? Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Meat Church Holy Gospel rub, so I used Famous Daves. And the only BBQ sauce I had on hand was Famous Daves Sweet & Zesty. I honestly dig their sauces and the rub's not bad at all. I suppose those 2 things would be #1STWORLDPROBLEMS. Was going to do 3-2-1, but I got lazy and impatient and just did 3-2. The ribs could have been just a bit more tender, I don't go for fall off the bone, but a slight bit more tender would have been nice. Again #1STWORLDPROBLEMS. lol

I mentioned I was pretty lazy, so no 5 cheese baked mac or homemade cornbread. I've never been to the south, but I know a lot of BBQ joints in some areas serve the meals with white bread. So, I got some potato bread and did my best attempt at Iron Chef/Chopped plating, which would have gotten me MAYBE a 2/10 on plating from the judges lol.

I actually really enjoyed the slice of bread, and it's sure a helluva lot easier and quicker than making cornbread or biscuits.


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Ribs land plate look ! And yes sir most BBQ joints down here serve you a couple of slices of Sunbeam bead ! Ans the beans look mighty tasty !

Most of the Ace Hardware stores in the south now carry the Meat Church and Kosmos rubs in stores. No sure about after you cross the Mason-Dixon Line 😁.

Glad the fan issue resolved itself.
If you use contact cleaner on the switches between cooks and work them manually for 30 secs or so you shouldn't have that problem again.

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