Fry Sauce?

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Also, if y'all want your mind blown some more, take a look at Steak Fingers, and see where those originated at. Soooooooooooooo good.
Yup. Way less sugar, and a bit tangy. Only ketchup I use anymore. It's what ketchup should be, IMO.

Super simple to do. I make mine with honey. But you can use sugar or maple syrup. Needs a bit of sweet, but not the HFCS of store bought.

Yep, you describe how I like my hotsauce. Ferment veggies, then add honey and/or fresh fruit jam that I make to actually move the scale on the sweet side, but just a hint where it doesn't taste "sour". The fermentation is more about the complexity of the flavor, less so about the acidity taste.

I do like sour beers though, do't get me wrong, but I do like my sauces a hair on the sweet side, especially with w/ tators. Will give a try next time.
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Every time I go to Milts in Moab. I have itwith my tater tots and burger couple other restaurants in Utah I go to have it too.
I might even look for some at the grocery store in the bottle next trip
All this talk... don't really care about the dipping sauce... but dang, some fries sure would be awesome right now! Dang cravings lol!

There is a good write up on fry sauce on wikipedia. It goes into who might have started it but it does agree Artic Circle made it famous.
Also goes into all the countries that make basically the same stuff but call it by a different name.
My guess it all started in Asia as they really like their suaces.
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Cleveland Ketchup ghost pepper ketchup.
Thanks for this. I saw your post last night before I went to work. Can't get it locally so I just placed an order with them. After looking at their site I might place an order for some mustard.

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I'm a fan, almost bought some Freddie's Fry Sauce yesterday at the grocery store. Fry Sauce, Burger, Chicken Sauce all similar and tasty. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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