Special Dinner, Special Friends: Smoked Beef Tenderloin (Lotsa Pics)

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Fabulous looking tenderloin Robert. I can't believe the color even on my old computer screen.

Point for sure
That tenderloin looks amazing!
It is cooked to perfection!!!
Nicely done Robert!
Very much appreciate it Al. I've manages to absorb some of the teachings from people here and apply them to my cooking.
Another one slammed over the fence and out of the park, fantastic piece of work Robert!
Thanks so much my friend. I appreciate the kind words.
Great work Robert. The tenderloin looked perfect. WOW.
Thank you Dave. The tenderloin came out exactly as I'd hoped. Learning how to do it though was a complete accident.

Nice cook on that beef !
Very much appreciate it. The smoker is doing well by me after figuring out how to get the roasts done this way.
Damn Robert that is one fine looking meal! Beautiful color on that beef. Lucky friends you got there! Did you all get in the pool for some after dinner marco polo?
Thanks John!! Nope, no Marco Polo but with temps at about 108, we were definitely enjoying the pool.
Holy Cow Robert that is a grand slam, not just a home run. I don't know how you get such perfect, even color in the meat. The only way I get that is in a SV. I would ask for he recipe for the rolls but I don't need anymore carb temptation in my life...lol
Where is the cup shot of that margarita?
Thank you Cliff. The rolls are a kit from The Prepared Pantry that I always add more more onion to. The margarita is in the big stainless steel cup beside my plate in the next to last pic. By the time we ate, I'd had my 6 beers and it was time to switch to margs....my daily routine :emoji_laughing:

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Looks fantastic Robert! Excellent work, the meat is picture perfect.
Those taters look interesting as well. Thanks for sharing. Another fine meal.
Thank you Mike. Getting the meat done like this just takes a bit of patience and keeping an eye on the IT. /outside of that, there's nothing to it.
That looks like one fine dinner to me. Excellent job and it looks like a good time was had by all.
Very much appreciate it and yes, we did have a good time. Always nice to spend time with friends.
Such a fine dinner and that beef tenderloin is absolute perfection!
Thanks Joe!! I was thrilled with the way the roast came out. Was nothing short of amazing.

You never stop amazing me with the meals you produce. Simply amazing!
Thanks Steve....but you've been turning out some pretty amazing stuff recently also.
Nailed another one! Great job on that beef...as mentioned perfect color from edge to edge! Not sure of that gravy to tater ratio but I might have issues judging that lol!
Appreciate it Ryan. I'm with you about the gravy but some folks just don't have the same propensity for it as you and I.
Dang that looks good. One fine meal!
Thanks so much. I was happy with the way it looked.

The only way I get that is in a SV.
Sorry Cliff. Missed this in my first reply. The trick to getting that edge to edge pink is a very low temp cook. That's why I drop the smoker temp to 210 after the bark gets set. You won't get the darker cooked area around the outside of the roast.
Incredible! What an amazing and perfect cook, It looks like you could cut with a spoon! The only thing better than your cooks and plating is the company you share it with. Demolition man as always!
Thanks so much Jed. Gotta agree with you on this one. The food is only the half of it. It's the company that makes the difference between a meal and an experience.
You're not jokin'. Couldn't have done a better job with a SV machine.
Very much appreciate it. As noted above, the trick is a low temp cook and bring the meat up to the desired IT slowly.

Nailed another one Robert. The whole meal looks so good. Congrats on new friends. So hard now a days to find some. My good friend moving to Boston next week. Sucks.
Thanks very much Brian. Sorry to hear about your friend moving out of town. Several years ago we had quite a few of our friends retire about the same time and move away. Was kind of a bummer to see them go.
Robert, that is one fantastic looking tenderloin. Great job.
Thank you very much Rob. I was pretty happy with the way it came out.
Amazing meal. And that is perfectly cooked.
Thanks Jim. Was a bit minimal on the offerings but it was a nice meal.

tx smoker:
Several years ago we had quite a few of our friends retire about the same time and move away. Was kind of a bummer to see them go.

Yeah. I going to have to find a new friend now. He was always up for lunch, a helping hand or what ever. So hard to find new friends.
Amazing Job on the color to color edge to edge...wow.. you certainly nailed it to the cross. Makes me hungry just looking at it.
Very much appreciate it. This is the second one I've done so had some practice.
Beautiful looking tenderloin Robert. I would venture to guess your good friends were quite pleased with the meal
Thanks so much and that would be an accurate assessment. Still getting communications from our friends about the meal and from other neighbors who have been told about it.
Fabulous looking tenderloin Robert. I can't believe the color even on my old computer screen.
Thanks so much Chris. The CPB is always a dark, rich color and of course loaded with flavor. Cooking meat like that makes it easy for a flunky like me to look good :emoji_laughing:

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