The Sous Vide "water oven"... A food safety tool...

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Nov 12, 2010
A shortened really long story.....Thanks to whomever designed and developed this awesome machine.. Thanks to Dr. Douglas Baldwin for his calculations and assembling his cookbook, Douglas Baldwin (click on Douglas Baldwin), to simplify its use... We can now eat almost raw foods safely, regardless of our health by pasteurizing foods... I wish no families have to suffer through a food poisoning incident...
Many were not alive when this happened... Seems time erases our diligence to catastrophes and recalling them can help us all...

I was there... Seattle Children's Hospital in 1993... My newly born grandson, Connor, was a patient because of a birth defect... The staff saved him ... I have no idea how they successfully operated on a ~850-gram preemie....

I saw the suffering of the children and their families from the E. coli outbreak.... Brianne Kiner survived, although she needed continual medical support...

Brianne Kiner
brianne kiner.jpg

By Associated Press Mar 19, 1993, 12:00am MST

During the 40 days a comatose Brianne Kiner battled a bacterial infection from an undercooked hamburger, a doctor suggested no attempts be made to resuscitate the 10-year-old if she appeared close to death.
The girl's mother, Suzanne Kiner, wouldn't hear of it. "An hour and a half later," Mrs. Kiner said, "Brianne woke up from her coma."
Brianne was moved out of intensive care Tuesday, three weeks after regaining consciousness.
"She reminds us that remarkable things are possible," Dr. Sandy Watkins, a kidney specialist, said Thursday.
She still has a long way to go, however, and doctors aren't sure when she will be able to go home.
Brianne was admitted to Children's Hospital and Medical Center on Jan. 13. Four days later the state Health Department confirmed an outbreak of E. coli infection, which was linked to tainted burgers at Jack in the Box restaurants.
Three children died and more than 500 people were sickened in the outbreak, which has prompted changes in federal regulation of the meat industry.
Brianne developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a deadly complication that can cause severe kidney damage. When she slipped into a coma Jan. 15, her family posted a sign over her hospital bed: "Expect a Miracle."
Mrs. Kiner credits her daughter's spirit and God for the recovery.
"Miracles do happen," Mrs. Kiner said. "She's a tough little girl who's willing to fight hard."
Brianne continues to improve, Watkins said. Her heart and lungs appear to be quite strong. She is eating ice chips, water and Pop-sicles.
But Brianne - the last patient from the outbreak still at Children's - remains on dialysis, and doctors are concerned about her pancreas. Part of her colon has been removed, and she may also need a kidney or liver transplant, Watkins said.

This article in "Food Safety News" opened the memory banks...
The food safety imperative: Talking with attorney Bill Marler | Food Safety News

Thank you for reading this and continuing your dedication to "food safety" by reminding others of its importance....
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