Upscale Steak Dinner: Turf & Kinda Surf (Mega Q-View)

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OMG, What an awesome Dinner!!
Everything looks Perfect !!
And Robert---There is also an even number of crackers in the bowl.:emoji_bear::emoji_trophy:

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Robert, before I read your full write up, I was going to say....yea yea the steaks look good but that bowl of spud.....those looked amazing. I do like the simply smoked to temp steaks....very prime ribish like! The whole meal was perfect for my tastes!
I like steaks done that way as well. And yes, those spuds!

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That’s one hell of a spread and main course steak dinner Robert! You’d be hard pressed to find something better at a sit down restaurant, are you taking reservations?
Damn Robert that all looks amazing but I got to say the star of the show was the steak! Man those have some beautiful color and were perfectly cooked. All in all a great meal!
Thank you my friend. I guess the difference in perception is that I get steaks a lot. Never had taters like these before so to me they were the star :emoji_wink:

wow, one amazing meal!! great job and thanks for sharing all the great pics!
Thank you very much and I appreciate you sticking it out through all the pics. Was a bit of a long thread :emoji_laughing:

Killing it again Robert! Being from NY you would think I would have strip steak???? but
I appreciate it my friend but dude...waz up wid dat? Never had a NY Strip? Where you been all your life? That needs to change buddy and in a hurry!!

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Looks great Robert. Scalloped spuds done on the smoker also ?
I appreciate the kind words. No sir, the taters were done on the grill, low temp for a long time. Wanted to ensure they got done this time. I'm still hearing grief over the batch that was under cooked.

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Another fine dining meal , good friends and family
Fantastic meal Robert. And I love it when guests bring dessert
Thanks so much David. We don't typically do dessert, only when somebody else brings it. My idea if dessert is a slice of butter bread to sop up the juices from the steak :emoji_wink:

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slice of butter bread to sop up the juices from the steak :emoji_wink:
growing up there was always bread at the table. I think to help fill us up , mom probably only had so much with the 3 kids to eat so always had bread.

I remember dad on spaghetti night ( Saturday ) if we ran out of noodles he would put a cople slices of bread on the plate and cover with the spaghetti sauce.

Great looking meal Robert! Not much of a dessert person here either....unless it's more taters and gravy lol!

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