Greek Themed NY Strip Easter Dinner (Heavy Pics)

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Nicely done Robert.
Hope your writing all these down. When you retire you can write a book, "Meals from The Hip"
All I gotta say is that steak looks phenomenal, I mean perfectly done right to the edge, PERFECTION!!
Thanks so much Al. I'm finally getting steaks dialed in. About time as many of them as I've cooked :emoji_laughing:
Perfect steak, never thought of grilling egg plant and that salad is amazing! Very inspiring!
Very much appreciate it Jed. I'd never thought of grilling eggplant either but it seemed viable so thought I'd give it a shot. Best we've ever had....with the possible exception to the Eggplant Napoleon.
Just phenomenal Robert! Those steaks are pefect!
Thank you my friend. I've had a considerable amount of practice with steaks so it stands to reason I'l get one right on occasion.

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Awesome Easter meal Robert! We had subway and pizza hut lol
Thanks Jake!! As for your Easter dinner...whatever works my friend, whatever works :emoji_wink:
Looks great Robert! You always nail the steaks. I’ll bet that eggplant was great too.
Thank you Jeff. With a lot of practice and a god instant read thermometer, I can get them done correctly once in a while.
Those steaks look perfect! Salad looks good too! Not sure if I've ever had eggplant so could we put some gravy on it and I'll let you know!
Appreciate it Ryan. As for gravy n eggplant...why not? Would a bold and tasty Italian marinara be considered gravy? If so, I can promise it works.

That all looks great but kudos on a perfect steak. I like the idea of changing up holiday dinners and taking a break from the usual ham or turkey. Excellent work and great thinking outside the box.
Thank you for the kind words. I do have a tendency to get weird on meals just to keep the menu interesting.
That Steak is absolute perfection Robert. Great looking meal.
Thanks Brian. I've come to depend heavily on my instant read therm. Takes a lot of the guess work out of cooking them.
Nicely done Robert.
Hope your writing all these down. When you retire you can write a book, "Meals from The Hip"
No...unfortunately I'm not writing them down. A month from now when Tracy asks me to make the salad again I'll just be scratching my head....and shooting from the hip again.
That steak sure does look good! Looks like you nailed the doness. Perfect as usual!
Very much appreciate it Joe. The steaks did come out well. I guess I've been lucky a few times recently to get them done correctly.

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