Special Dinner, Special Friends: Smoked Beef Tenderloin (Lotsa Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Maybe a couple times throughout a person's life they meet somebody and there is an instantaneous bond. You know immediately that you've met somebody special and there's likely a special friendship that is going to develop. That's exactly what happened when we met Jeff and Kandi. We knew we'd met two amazing people. There had been considerable time spent with them but always in a group setting with other people around. Not that this is a bad thing but we never had a chance for just the four of us to sit, chat, laugh, enjoy an adult beverage, and share a nice meal. Tracy and I extended a dinner invite to them which the graciously accepted and that dinner took place Saturday. We wanted to do something really special and it just doesn't get better than CPB tenderloin so went that direction.

The roast. Just over two pounds that I cut from one of the huge order of these I got not long ago

Rubbed with a bit of Worcestershire sauce and seasoned with PitFaced On Point rub

Par boiled some golden potatoes, brushed with my homemade garlic and herb EVOO, sprinkle with kosher salt, then onto a 375 degree grill for about 40 minutes.

Off the grill and smash them with a heavy skillet. Into a bowl with a bit more salt, butcher's grind black pepper, and shredded cheddar. Mix it all up being careful not to turn these into mashed potatoes.

Into a baking pan and top with some beef gravy. Kind of like poutine I guess. These were covered with foil and put on the grill later to heat through

Made a fantastic Greek orzo and zucchini salad. This might make our good friend BandCollector BandCollector happy, being that he's the one that got me on the Greek food kick :emoji_laughing: This is as legit as it gets.

Wanted to do this one like the last one: in a 245* smoker for 45 minutes or so to set the bark. This is where the smoker settled in so I just left it alone

Our beloved sour cream and onion rolls portioned out and proofing for the 3rd time.

Got cherry wood smoke rolling and time to put the roast on

Rolls cooked on the grill and done.

As with the last tenderloin, after 45 minutes drop smoker temp to 210 to finish with a slow cook.

Roast done. Pulled at an IT of 128. With the low smoker temp there will be very little carryover. I'm really liking the color of this.

Taters done

Slicing the roast. Three pics. Nailed it. Perfect edge to edge pink, exactly what I was shooting for.



Dinner spread. Not a lot of offerings but it was plenty and done with love 🥰

Jeff, Kandi, and Tracy. Somebody is missing, but there is a 30 ounce stainless steel cup full of margarita so the missing person must be close by :emoji_wink: It's WAY too hot to be outside so this one is happening in the dining room.

The missing person's dinner plate

All I can say is WOW!! Amazing friends, amazing food, and an amazing time. This CPB tenderloin is by far the very best meat any of us have ever had. It is absolutely spectacular and a treat when we decide to break some out to cook. A truly special meal for some truly special people. The taters were really good but that salad was off the charts. I did a little reading for something that would be a cool element with the dinner, saw some interesting recipes, and made this up on the fly based on some of the stuff I saw. It is a keeper for sure. Recipe can be posted if anybody wants it but this has gone on long enough.

Time to call it done. Y'all take care, stay safe, and we'll see you on my next installment of Tales From The Crypt.

Another one slammed over the fence and out of the park, fantastic piece of work Robert! RAY
Damn Robert that is one fine looking meal! Beautiful color on that beef. Lucky friends you got there! Did you all get in the pool for some after dinner marco polo?
Holy Cow Robert that is a grand slam, not just a home run. I don't know how you get such perfect, even color in the meat. The only way I get that is in a SV. I would ask for he recipe for the rolls but I don't need anymore carb temptation in my life...lol
Where is the cup shot of that margarita?

Looks like a great time was had by all.
Looks fantastic Robert! Excellent work, the meat is picture perfect.
Those taters look interesting as well. Thanks for sharing. Another fine meal.
Nailed another one! Great job on that beef...as mentioned perfect color from edge to edge! Not sure of that gravy to tater ratio but I might have issues judging that lol!

Incredible! What an amazing and perfect cook, It looks like you could cut with a spoon! The only thing better than your cooks and plating is the company you share it with. Demolition man as always!
Nailed another one Robert. The whole meal looks so good. Congrats on new friends. So hard now a days to find some. My good friend moving to Boston next week. Sucks.
Beautiful looking tenderloin Robert. I would venture to guess your good friends were quite pleased with the meal. :emoji_relaxed:
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