Greek Themed NY Strip Easter Dinner (Heavy Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Tracy wanted hamburgers for Easter dinner (go figure) so I was gonna do steaks on Saturday. She asked that we flip those dinners and do a nice steak dinner for Easter instead of the burgers. No problem at all but I wanted to do something other than the steak, salad, and potato dinner that has become very common around here. Looked through the pantry for some inspiration and saw a package of Orzo that was bought for a different dinner and the cogs started turning. Never cooked it before so did a little reading and found out that it is a very versatile dish. Being that temps were well into the 90's yesterday I wanted a cool element with dinner so decided to do a chilled Orzo salad.

Did the Orzo in a skillet with 1 part Orzo and 2 parts liquid and used vegetable stock instead of water. Simmered till the liquid was absorbed, added some butter, and toasted till a golden wheat color. Thought this might add some color, texture, and enhance the flavor a bit.

Chill the Orzo and add tomatoes, celery, and onions

Greek yogurt, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, Rosemary, grated Parmesan cheese, and a small squirt of lemon juice.

Mix it all up till it's ugly as homemade sin. Did this early in the day so the flavors would meld

Two nice NY Strips defrosted

Brush with melted butter, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder

Four nice big slices of eggplant brushed with my homemade garlic EVOO and seasoned with salt, pepper, and dill

Y'all know what time it is now :emoji_laughing:

Steaks onto the hybrid Santa Maria....again. I'm really loving this little grill

A few minutes then flip. I'm liking the way these look so far

Steaks done and into the house to rest. Looking nice and juicy.

Time to get the eggplant on the grill while the steaks are resting

Just a couple minutes and flip

Eggplant done. Nice light char and a little bit of textural crunch

Dinner plated. Brushed the eggplant with a bit of melted butter

Out to the patio of course. Money shot.

Close up. I am happy

Not a sophisticated or complicated meal but it was very, very good. I loved mixing things up and doing something different. The Orzo salad was totally shoot from the hip. Never seen anything like this before but it just seemed like it'd work so I went with it....and was not at all disappointed. The salad was outstanding and very refreshing with bright and vibrant flavors. Eggplant was off the charts good. Tracy set her steak aside after eating about 1/3 of it and finished off the eggplant. The steaks were excellent as are the CPB products on a consistent basis. All in all a gratifying meal that I have to give thanks to John ( BandCollector BandCollector ) for inspiring. His Greek themed meals of late have just been excellent. Can't say whether or not this would be considered "traditional" Greek but the flavor profile was spot on.

Oh well, gonna wrap this one up. It's gone on long enough :emoji_astonished: See y'all soon.

That's an excellent looking meal Robert. Keep those cogs a turning.

Point for sure
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Where do I send my CC info for Roberts school of shooting from the hip cooking? You are setting the bar high my friend.
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Absolutely perfect Robert! I especially love that chilled salad even though it was low 40's and windy here yesterday. I have to grill eggplant soon.
All I gotta say is that steak looks phenomenal, I mean perfectly done right to the edge, PERFECTION!!
Wow! Incredible Robert! All around awesome and inspiring! Perfect steak, never thought of grilling egg plant and that salad is amazing! Very inspiring!
Sure looks good Robert
Thanks so much Jim. I was happy with those steaks when I flipped them :emoji_wink:
Thanks for the shout out Robert.

You are beginning to inspire me!

Meal looks delicious and beautiful.
You know I have a way of taking ideas from other people and going some weird directions with them. I lived in the NW suburbs of Chicago for 5 years and every year they had a massive Greek Fest at Navy Pier or Grant Park...or some place like that. I'd always get there early, drop a pile of $$ on tickets, and sample everything there that looked interesting. That was about the only positive thing I have to say about living up there. Too many people and WAY too cold for this southern boy.
That's an excellent looking meal Robert. Keep those cogs a turning.
Thanks Chris. I get inspired once in a while and it usually turns into something really off the wall.

Where do I send my CC info for Roberts school of shooting from the hip cooking?
No CC's please. Cash only but for you I'll give a serious discount and only charge you for margaritas after the 5th pitcher. Sound fair?
Looks like a wonderful Easter feast!
Thank you Dave. It came out well.
Great looking meal and steaks Robert!
Thanks so much my friend. doesn't stack up to the food you turned out for your family Easter dinner but it was enough for the two of us.

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Picture Perfect, as always Robert!!
Thank you very much Bear and thank you for the like. I've managed to pay a bit of attention to members like yourself and learned a few things along the way. It's starting to pay off :emoji_wink:
Absolutely perfect Robert! I especially love that chilled salad even though it was low 40's and windy here yesterday. I have to grill eggplant
Thank you Cliff. The salad was probably the star of the meal. Primarily because it was something new and exciting. The Greek yogurt as the dressing really set it over the top. As for the eggplant, this is my first time grilling it and fell in love. I'd say the key would be to not slice it real thick so it firms up and gains some texture while cooking.
Good grief Robert, that steak is MONEY! Some fine work there.
Thanks so much my friend. I think I'm finally getting the steaks dialed in. Managed to turn out a couple decent ones recently and as much as I love steak, it makes me happy to see them coning out well.

Those steaks look perfect! Salad looks good too! Not sure if I've ever had eggplant so could we put some gravy on it and I'll let you know! :emoji_blush:

That all looks great but kudos on a perfect steak. I like the idea of changing up holiday dinners and taking a break from the usual ham or turkey. Excellent work and great thinking outside the box. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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