Couple Meals This Week: NY Strips & Pork Ribs (Long & Lotsa Pics)

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Food looks awesome a good steak is my favorite or at least right up there. Shrimp and steaks would be the top two throw a lobster or two in every once in awhile and I'd be a very happy camper. Robert you know it might be time for you and Tracy to relocate North Florida would be a good place then you could invite me over for dinner all the time :emoji_laughing:

Robert, you seem to use a variety of sauces both homemade and store bought. Have you ever tried YUM-YUM sauce. I keep seeing it in the local grocer and was wondering what it taste like? Something about it keeps catching my eye - maybe it's just the name.


Chris the Yum Yum sauce is pretty good but isn't spicy at all. Many Japanese Steak Houses serve it. We buy the Terry Ho brand and I mostly use it with stir fry. Mostly lol I'm going to be doing some bacon wrapped venison bites on the grill tomorrow and will serve the Yum Yum sauce with that
I need another smoker
I read that Home Depot is having an end of season sale and you can pick up a top shelf rig for $89. I've heard though it goes through a LOT of wood. Worst case, you can stand it on end with the fire box down and use it as a vertical smoker. If allt hat doesn't work, you can always sell it as "almost new" on Craig's List for $150.
my remote thermometer burned out a 4th time...what am I doing wrong?
Don't know what you're doing wrong but you might want to consider buying a veterinary thermometer. If you've ever owned a pet, you know how those work. Tape a string to it and drop it down the stack. That should solve the problems.

I put my therm probes in the dishwasher using the heavy duty cycle but the probes don't work afterward.
That's a bit drastic. I tried that once and the stainless steel cables rusted.
Do you think if I used the delicate cycle I would have better luck?
Just toss them into the washing machine with your wife's unmentionables. Those should run on delicate and I'd think you would be fine.

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Stu I think you need to put them in the clothes dryer after the least that is what I do.
I'm thinking you need to stop using them to check the temperature of the koi when they have a fever. There are some things in those ponds that could be detrimental to the performance of your probes.

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That is how I save $ and time by not taking showers anymore...
Move to AZ! During summer months there's being in the pool 3-4 times a day, so you'll always be "chlorine clean" shower maybe every ten days or so, works for me! And no, I'm not kidding. No shaving until the neck begins to itch.

That's a great idea Ray.
Why didn't I think of that?
When you take in to account the savings on not needing S-O-S pads anymore to tidy the probes it all becomes as clear as a bell Stu.
I take great solace from your kind, comforting, and supportive words my friend. I've come to terms with the fact that I may never live long enough to attain the elite status of some particular people. I guess I should have started when I was 11 and maybe I could be up there with the best of the best. I'm resigned to being a lifelong rookie...heavy sigh

Do not despair in your aspirations in attaining the elite status of some of the other members.
It does, however, behoove me to inform you that you could seek higher instruction at the French Culinary Institute in NYC. Perhaps a semester in an immersion course would suffice in rectifying the thirty-five year culinary experience deficit?
Of course, this life altering commitment requires further mastication.

Your friend always,

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That’s some great looking chow Robert! I’m going to have to give that sauce a whirl, it looks like it would be tasty.

I gave up on making my own bbq sauce, I use it sparingly anyways and there’s a huge abundance of flavors, brands and styles so there’s always something new to try.
Thanks so much and I appreciate you saving me the embarrassment by not commenting on the color :emoji_wink:

The sauce is really good. Problem now is that you have me looking at that knife...

Went to the shop to load my truck for the weekend and get my Amazon deliveries.

Stopped by the house for lunch and tried some of the sauce on the last of the PP.

Nice flavor and agree that it would be good on jerky which I plan to do when I get back.

Also looking forward to trying out the knife….

Thanks again!

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