First Prime Rib BDS Style

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
The market had Prime Rib on sale this weekend and I just had to get one to test out in the BDS. Simply awesome is what it was. Great flavor and no need to sear before or after to get a good crust like I like. It was a little 4 ½ lb'er.

Pulled and ready to tent w/ foil at 130°:

And a couple sliced after the rest:

Ready to eat w/ baked tater, butter and sour cream:

Last but not least, my secret late night snack. Sssshhhhhh!:

Hope ya'll enjoy the pics, I know I get a little giddy just seeing prime rib pics.
Oh man, that looks awesome!! Looks like ya it up to about 135 to 140 intrnl. YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! I like it rare!!
Holy Smokes Ultramag!! Looks great... you did save some for the rest of us... right? Thanks for sharing buster.

Keep Smokin
That looks oustanding Chad!! Drooling fist thing in the morning, and Bud has asked to see the pic twice...and then said "can we make that?"

Know of no restaurant that could have done it better. Very nice, looks perfect. Bit of smoke ring, nice and rare. I can't stand it, can't look any more.
That BDS is looking more and more like the thing.
Did you put anything on it? We used to get prime rib at the Wooden Nickel down at Branson that was crusted with cracked black pepper, loved it.

Thanks Mike. I put a little California Style Garlic, Montreal Seasoning, and then go pretty heavy with fresh cracked black pepper.
can you tell us what temp you had it at and for how long???

thanks a bunch!!

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