Prime rib experiment

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Had a 3 bone rib roast and a 2 bone. Wanted to try something a little different than I normally do.
I did my normal 36ish hour dry brine then seasoned it before putting them on

View attachment 684368

I have never ran my Pecos under 250. It likes it there so that's what I normally do. So my experiment was that I heard an interview once where they said a little dirty smoke in the beginning on a big piece of meat isn't a bad thing. So I wanted to try running the Pecos at 200 and a little dirty smoke for the first hour. After the first hour I brought it up to 250 where it stayed for the rest of the cook.
A few hours inView attachment 684369
After a few more hours it came up to 115 IT so I pulled to let them rest a little while. I threw in a few more logs to get a good firewhen the fire was ready I put them on for a sear. View attachment 684372
After the sear and final rest.
View attachment 684372
View attachment 684374View attachment 684375

I think the first hour and a little dirty smoke brought a lot of nice smoky flavor. Will definitely do it again
Thanks for staying with the long read
This prime rib looks delicious. I tried a new recipe over the holidays and highly recommend it, the results were great. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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