Faux Huli Huli chicken

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Feb 20, 2014
Kona, Hawaii
Hi all,

So, I've been keeping an eye out for a 22.5'' weber kettle to go along with my other smoking gear and I pull into the dump today and there is a mon profit organization that runs a thrift store on the premises. Driving past it I notice a kettle in one corner and pull my truck over and check the thing out; other that a rusty cooking grill it's in really good shape! I ask the dude there how much and he tells me $5! I pay and drive straight to HD and get a new grill, the one with the hinged edges to add more fuel.

I go home and give her a good cleaning and this thing is sparkling! I put on new grill and fire it up to season it. While this is going on I text my wife that we have a new grill and for her to grab a whole chicken for dinner.

She is soon home and I S and P the chicken. She also got four thighs marinated in Korean sauce. I set up the grill with some kingsford, with some kiawe wood for flavor, on one side and a foil pan on the other. The chicken was cut into quarters and the larger pieces where placed closer to the middle and the smaller pieces further from the coals.

The grill held a steady temp of 300 degrees and put out a beautiful TBS for the entire time. I think the thighs took a little over an hour (1:15?), the leg quarters a little longer and the breast a little longer than that.

If you've ever had Huli Huli chicken before it was very similar. Delicious! I did take some pics but I can't figure out how to post them...
Great find on the Weber!  I love it when the tumblers in Life deliver exactly what we were looking for where we least expect it.

Had to look up Huli Huli Chicken, but THAT is going in my recipe file the next time a bird flies into my smoker.  Thanks for the post!  
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