Down The Mushroom Rabbit Hole

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Interesting mushrooms....what kind are they?

Chestnut Mushroom​

I never have tried them but I am thinking they are close to a honey mushroom or what we call them in Ukrainian "pidpénki — a variety of brown mushrooms (cf., pidpénky)"
Used to go every fall around Sept 15th wih mom and dad hunting for them. We would have lots to clean when we got back. That was the worst them. LOL
I actually have a few stumps in the back yard that produce them every year.
Right around the first frost they sprout up. YOu need to get them when they are small or they get wormy.
My mom always told me to cut them close to the ground and in bunches like little soldiers standing in a group. :)
I gots to say once these things start to take off they grow pretty darn fast. Might be because I have them in my chamber at a high humidity ( average of 79%) so they don't need constant spraying but I still give them a spray in the morning and at night.

Screenshot_20240316_212455_Govee Home.jpg
Yup another daily mushroom pic lol
give me some suggestions to use them for.

Burgundy Mushrooms or Cowboy Mushrooms or even Hungarian Mushroom Soup are some of my choices.
I'm a fan of Burgundy mushrooms...

can also do mushroom risotto, mushroom pasta, steak Diane with mushrooms in the sauce....mushroom dressing, stuffed mushrooms....lots of ways you could go.

In a good stew is great for a big umami boost too....
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Burgundy Mushrooms (+ Slow Cooker Instructions)​

In the slow cooker now
Had some for dinner tonight with baked potato, corn, Cauliflower and pickeled beets.
Sorry but they suck. Anyone who wishes them for Christmas dinner is not going to get them here.
Followed the recipe which is pretty common anywhere on the inter web and thay just suck big time.
Even the kid said why did you not just fry the mushrooms in butter like you do always.
Totally disappointed in the recipe. Burgundy Mushrooms removed from my bookmarks to never return.
Oh my god almost a hour has past and the taste of the wine in my mouth still lingers. Who the hell would feed this stuff to their kids?? Tastes like crap to me.
All was not lost. decided to add this recipe to the mix and it tasted way better. So now I have some mushroom soup for this week to warm me up in this cold snap we are having.
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Updated on Thu, Mar 21, 8:56 a.m.
Added some white button mushrooms, green onions and letting it simmer this afternoon in the slow cooker. So far it taste amazing.

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