Hello from SW Ontario, Canada

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Teacher B

Original poster
Dec 25, 2023
Thorndale, Ontario
I am lifelong hunter, fisherman, shooter and lover of the outdoors. Currently I am using a propane Masterbuilt smoker for pork, wild game, fish, beef and shiitake mushrooms. I smoke all of my venison and bear shanks, ribs and sometimes shoulders, wild turkey legs and thighs. I freeze these, then as we want to use them we put them in the crock pot to slow cook for 36 hours and my wife turns them into an awesome smoked venison, bear or turkey soup/stew. Some of the finest fall and winter meals one can image. My Masterbuilt has served me well for a number of years, but the bottom is pretty much rusted out, so I will be fabricating a repair with stainless steel to keep it going for a few more years until I invest in a new back deck smoking solution.
As I ease into semi retirement I plan to spend more time cooking and enjoying time with friends and family around the table, campfire and bbque. Part of my semi retirement plan is teaching hunter education and firearms safety courses among other things and I grow shiitake and oyster mushrooms and sell my surplus as it is available. I am planning this season to expand into some other types of outdoor grown mushrooms such as reishi, wine cap and lions mane. (sorry no magic ones.) A smoked, sliced shiitake absolutely takes an omelete to the next level! I want to increase my smoking capacity to preserve (and market) my surplus shiitake mushroom production as there can be some big production spikes depending on the weather conditions. Drying and smoking are two ways to deal with this surplus.
I am planning to turn a 6X6X2 foot deep 2 door industrial lab refridgerator into a smoker. I will be looking to tap into the experience in this forum for some technical guidance on how make this work.

I look forward to sharing ideas and resources on this forum.

Brian Kerr
Welcome from Mississippi. I also am a MB gasser user. Look forward to seeing your post and pics!

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