Down The Mushroom Rabbit Hole

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Mar 7, 2018
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Decided to give these a try. Chestnut Mushroom Grow-at-Home Kit from Foragers Galley. Using my curing chamber to house the mushrooms for a few or so weeks.
Just a "I have to try this" adventure.
Will try to keep this updated as time goes by.
Yup, sounds interesting and in for this ride. I’ve often thought about trying this. Just no time.
Takes awhile for the RH to get up there but we are close.
Screenshot_20240221_202242_Govee Home.jpg
Started on Feb 21st and now for the first time I am seeing something lol not sure if its mushrooms growing or mold but think it is mushrooms just starting. Talked to the company the other day and they said depending on the conditions they could take as long as 10 weeks tostart to grow. I have mine in a controlled environment which I hope will help.
Screenshot_20240308_162240_Govee Home.jpg

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Well I think I can confirm they are mushrooms growing and not mold. Getting bigger day by day. Think I will limit the amount of light from now on as to much light makes them to tall.
At wally yesterday and out in garden area inside by the plastic seed starter kits they had a mushroom growing kit with the mushroom starter, was like $22
Good price. I ordered mine through
Adjusting the US-Can exchange they would be pretty close in price. Did take a beating on shipping and taxes. LOL
Item(s) Subtotal:
Shipping & Handling:

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Grand Total:
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FYI, are the first harvest, you should get a second if you trim the mushrooms off and do not tear them where it goes into the medium......though the second flush is usually smaller.
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Ya I was wondering about that.
Here is their instructions:
We guarantee at least one crop from your kit, with most kits averaging two - four crops depending on the species you choose to cultivate. To succeed, be patient, diligently follow the instructions, and create a consistently humid environment for your mushrooms. We recommend adding 1 cup of water into the X cut after each harvest to keep your block hydrated.
Your initial flush can typically range from 1/2 pound to 2 pounds, though this varies significantly depending on the species and environmental conditions. Your level of care in maintaining the kit plays a crucial role. Subsequent fruitings are likely to be smaller as the fungi depletes the nutrients and water in the substrate.

They made a video and they did not cut but rocked it back and forth till they came out.
When I harvest wild mushrooms I always cut with my pocket knife and the next year there is always more mushrooms in the same spot so that makes sence. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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