Custom Dual Axle Pitmaker Trailer for sale. Delivery possible.

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Mar 6, 2022
Open to offers and possible trades/partial trades on things of interest. Delivery to just about anywhere.

I honestly dislike parting with this as it was my dream unit. But we sold our home with the climate controlled shop we stored it in and we don't have enough room at our new place. Always stored inside when not in use and in excellent condition. We only used this when we had parties or family events at our home or a family members home. And used at 1 competition. This is an amazing unit with lots of lockable storage under the hinged Stainless Steel counter tops. Runs very consistent and holds steady. Threaded ball valve air inlets also make it easy to add fan controls if desired. There is plenty of room to travel with coolers, tables, chairs, etc... Tows perfectly and no issues at all.

I have this stored inside at a friends climate controlled shop at the moment. This has only seen rain 2 times since I picked it up new from Pitmaker.

Delivery can be worked out as well. Feel free to reach out with any questions at [email protected] Thanks!

Custom PITMAKER Trailer:

CPT-1 Model BBQ Double-Axle Trailer, Includes:
Two Stainless Steel Tables with Lockable Storage Underneath,
Two 3,500 Lb Axles with Electric Brake System, Upgraded 16'' wheels.

Pit Maker BBQ Vault with Slide-Out Grates and Stainless Steel Ash Pan.

BBQ Edge Pit - Fully Insulated Offset Firebox Smoker w/ 5 - 22" x 25" Slide-Out Cooking Grates and Stainless Steel Ash Pan. This can be ran as a stick burner or charcoal, etc...

Stainless Steel Ash Pan For BBQ Vault Deflector Plate for BBQ Vault

48" Grill-Meister Adjustable Charcoal Grill with Electric All Stainless Steel Rotisserie Option. Spit and motor included.

100,00 BTU Multi-Jet Burner with corrosion resistant Solid Stainless Steel Housing and Grate - 18” L x 18” W.- 18” L x 18” W. Includes Stainless Steel Propane Bottle Holder, Stainless Steel Hose, Plumbing, and Regulator Assembly. Have done Bushels of crabs on here among other things.

4 Gal All Stainless Deep Fryer W/ Sealed Lock Down Lids, Includes two Fry Baskets, Plumbing and Installation

Electrical Installation in Frame with 3 All-weather outlets: X3

Bluetooth Radio with CD and dual speakers

Charcoal gray with Black Metallic Frame.

Dual French Fry Cutters with custom removable mounts. One on each side of the trailer and fully adjustable in and out. They can be removed quickly by pulling pin on each side.

Lots of storage, and lots of extras included. $18k


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Thanks Jaxgatorz! It really is an amazing unit. I hate to part with it, but just do not have enough room in our new garage to keep it.
Beauty of a cooker. More than I need tho. Of course I couldnt stop looking at your pics. Couldnt decide what I liked best...the cooker, cars in the background, or that $1.99 gas!

Thanks Jim. The $1.99 fuel may be the highlight of the photos for sure, lol. Miss those times.
We've got one we use for tailgating. Really good unit. I highly recommend it. Ours has a 40" flat screen that pops up in the center.
Jhump Jhump - what a gorgeous set up!

I wish I had the plate, the room, and the excuse to go after a rig so huge and lovingly put together and cared for! I’m just hunting for a decent offset, but couldn’t help admiring this awesome craftsmanship.
I could only wish I had a rig like that, if only to cook on it a couple of times. It must be really hard to part with!
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