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  1. L

    Memphis Pro Woodfire for sale

    2014 Memphis Pro Woodfire Pellet for sale. 2014-ish (when they were made in the USA). It comes with the direct flame insert, indirect heat insert, accessory racks (3), rack tool and a cover. 180-650 degree cooking, heats up FAST! Used on a covered deck, in decent shape. Email me if you are...
  2. G

    Clearance deals at Walmart.

    Just a heads up for all, Walmart's by me have been clearancing grills and charcoal. So far this week, I have been able to pick up a Blackstone griddle with air fryer for $100 normally $397. Today i was able to get a little over 1.5 pallets of charcoal ( 38 - double 18lb bags for $10 each)...
  3. Jhump

    Custom Dual Axle Pitmaker Trailer for sale. Delivery possible.

    Open to offers and possible trades/partial trades on things of interest. Delivery to just about anywhere. I honestly dislike parting with this as it was my dream unit. But we sold our home with the climate controlled shop we stored it in and we don't have enough room at our new place. Always...
  4. C

    FriesStyle Smoker XXL with smoker 5 mm material thickness

    This smoker is new and has never been used. This smoker with smoking cabinet includes a door with a ventilation slide for the fire box, an ash box and a hotplate on the SFB as standard. Highlights: - Large grill area 600 x 12.00 mm corresponds to approx. 24 "smoker - Ash box under the fire...
  5. Cisco726

    Chargriller 9800

    So my cousin sent me a link for the new Chargriller 9800 and it’s a gravity fed! Looks like they slapped on 560/1050 parts to one of their grills basically. This however comes with a dampener control and other minor tweaks. Wonder if they addressed the issue with firebox deteriorating? This...
  6. E


    IM thinking of converting my gas grill into a smoker as it maintains an optimal smoking temperature of 225 when burner is set to low. my only challenge is how to incorporate the smoke, i tried many other options around the web such as pellet tubes and smoking boxes, but they arent the best so...
  7. S

    Smoker restoration

    I’m pretty new to this and have read a lot of good reviews from here. I have an old braunfels smoker rusted with some nickel size holes here and there. My main concerns are how to repair the holes ( what do I use? ) and how much rust should be present if any. Will post pictures shortly. Any and...
  8. WisconsinCampChef

    Dry aged prime ribeye reverse sear with pics

    Thought I would share a few shots of dinner tonight. Over the weekend we had some friends over to do a steak test. We pitted snake river farms bone in cowboy against the local butcher shop’s prime boneless ribeye and their bone in dry aged ribeye. The snake river farms was the largest by far...
  9. phonedrn8

    Night grilling / Smoking

    Question what kind of lighting set up for your grill smoker ? Looking for something simple and bright. I was thing about getting a torch lamp from el cheap-o. Store
  10. S

    Grilla Grills (and others)

    Has anyone ever cooked on one of the round Grilla grills before? It looks fantastic. But I'm also tossing around the Rec Tec Bull, a Kamado Joe, or a Primo Oval XL. I only want to buy one grill for now. Been researching for two weeks and the more I read the more I can't make up my mind. I have...
  11. M

    Weber Grill - low heat, troubleshooting, burner replacement

    Hey folks, I've had a lot of benefit from this forum on the topic of smoking, and while I haven't had anything to share on that side, I assume some of us also have a gas grill.. to that end, wanted to share my experience today in servicing mine. My grill is a Weber Genesis E-310, with a...
  12. L

    4ft by 3ft Custom Built Commercial Propane Grill

    Custom Built Commercial Propane Grill - 36" x 48" carbon steel cooking surface. Designed to prepare 65 hamburgers, 150 hot dogs, 35 chicken halves or small split hog. Grill Sits on 6ft Trailer -Includes 2 20lb Propane tanks (One feeds grill, Other feeds fish cookers) - 2 Fish Cookers Mounted...
  13. Kabob Maker

    Kabob Maker

    Found this new BBQ Tool on Facebook and Amazon Pretty cool!
  14. C

    My Brick Pit/Tuscan Grill Project

    Hi there, everybody. Long-time meat smoker (on assorted cookers, most recently a cheap-but-effective Charbroil offset) and forum lurker, but now a member. Something I've long wanted to do, and have just completed, is build a brick smoker. So with about 1,000 bricks left over from a home...
  15. M

    Natural Gas/Charcoal Grill and Smoker

    Happy 4th of July! I am looking to buy a combo grill that can be hooked up to natural gas (so either set up that way naturally or something that can be converted), has a charcoal area, and also has a smoke box to smoke meats as well. I have a nice smoker, but wanting to have something like that...
  16. Jaris77

    ***Like New Traeger For Sale-Check it out**

    Hello all, I’m new to this group so if I do something that’s wrong just let me know. I am painfully letting go a Traeger Pro Series 22 Bronz that’s not even probably 2 months old. It has been fired up maybe 15-20 TOTAL. Also used the probes just to make sure they are accurate. I have the Front...
  17. G

    Should I buy this Charcoal Grill?

    What is everyone's thoughts on this barbecue grill. Do you think it is worth it? I am looking into getting a new Charcoal Grill.
  18. Victor Stratton

    Multi-probe grill temp thermometer needs

    Hello all! I have a large Lang smoker and I would really like to find a 4-6 probe thermometer for the grill temps. I currently have two Maverick ET732 that I use but with 2 racks the temps vary quite a bit and would like 2 more probes to cover the entire smoker. I don't need meat...
  19. mark in the pit

    The Most Delicious Oxtail ( Akorn jr )

    The Most Delicious Oxtail Ingredients: Oxtail 1/4 C Stock Salt Pepper 2 TBS Honey 1/4 Chopped Onion 4 Cloves Chopped Garlic Pinch Rosemary Pinch Thyme 1/4 C White Wine 1 Shot Brown Liqure Method: Rub all ingredients (proportions to taste) on the oxtail. Set smoker / grill to 250°F. Cook...