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  1. S

    greyish layer on meat

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I am a happy owner of a custom built offset, but I have some minor issues/questions. I'm a long time reader of this forum, but I only recently joined and started posting. I have posted another question on 'smoker builds', but wanted to ask a second one here...
  2. S

    Fire does not seem to burn (smokestack question)

    Hey guys. I have a custom made smoker, I will put all the dimensions below as info, together with some pictures. My question to you guys is, why I seem to have trouble keeping my fire lit with my firebox door wide open. When I keep the top door open, my wood burns crazy, but when I close it...
  3. Daba's BBQ

    Offset Smoker For Sale - Brand New

    I am selling a (literally) once-used Char-Broil offset smoker Excellent physical and working condition Long Island-based Asking $150 or Best Offer Pickup only
  4. T

    Temp Differences once loaded up with Meat

    Hello y'all I've recently completed my offset build which is pictured below. Today I've loaded it up with a few brisket and I"ve noticed that the temp difference from side to side has increased greatly. It used to be within 5-10 degrees side to side now it's closer to 50 degrees difference...
  5. J

    Where to buy 20" stainless eliptical head

    I'm gearing up to build a 20" diameter stainless smoker. One thing I need to find is a 20" diameter stainless steel eliptical head. (Think the top of a propane tank) does anyone have a lead as to where to find one? Preferably in the north west.
  6. L

    Clean smoke, the final discussion

    Hi, I have been researching this for months. I've read about the combustion temperature of wood, watched harry soo explain this in a vid as well as several other people and I still cannot wrap my head around this. Example: Harry soo puts his wood chunks under hot coals and waits to see blue...
  7. Jhump

    Custom Dual Axle Pitmaker Trailer for sale. Delivery possible.

    Open to offers and possible trades/partial trades on things of interest. Delivery to just about anywhere. I honestly dislike parting with this as it was my dream unit. But we sold our home with the climate controlled shop we stored it in and we don't have enough room at our new place. Always...
  8. Hoopers_Smokeshack

    BBQ Mates - BMS-5 Universal Offset

    Hi, Just a quick initial review really with a much better set of pictures... I haven't cooked on it yet, just seasoned it a couple of times now (lit it up to experiment with temp etc too) and I am nothing short of impressed so far. It's huge, especially next to the old char-griller! It comes...
  9. F

    Offset Fuel Burning Cash!

    Hi guys, hope I posted in the right place, but have a question about my experience of upgrading from a weber kettle to an Oklahoma Joe recently. So I start off with a chimney of briquettes and a couple of splits. I have apple, it's well seasoned and all broken down into good 8-10" long 2-3"...
  10. R

    Help me idetify this New Braunsfels smoker?

    Its going for dirt cheap, just need to know if it's worth it or not?
  11. Chris_Ski

    Keeping my offset fueled without billowing white smoke

    Hey all, first post I just purchased a cheap dyna-glo wide offset. During seasoning I used a top down method for the first time laying oak chunks and jealous devil around the base of the burner and topping it with jealous devil from a chimney. I got a ton of white smoke for quite a while and let...
  12. S

    Smoke Stack placement- advise needed

    Hey All, so i'm modifying my drum smoker. it's a horizontal drum and i'm moving the chimney. at the moment, it's at the top on the side. and i'm planning on moving it as per the below. the current location is really not feasible and it needs to be customised. so the template in the image...
  13. MeatPopsicle

    Let the games begin! - 150gal Offset Build

    Started my first offset smoker project this week. It'll have a 150gal cook chamber (85in long - 24in diameter = 35,371cu in), a 26in X 24in X 26in semi insulated firebox (16,224cu in), and planning on having a 6in diameter/40in tall smoke stack (1,131cu in). Learning how to weld/fabricate on...
  14. AmazonDon703

    100 gallon propane tank

    Hey, fellow bbq enthusiasts. So I am having a smoker built from a 100g propane tank, and a 40g tank used for the fire box. Just wondering if any of you have a smoker around that size, and if so how do you like the smoker? Any recommendations, tips or suggestions? So far my main request is...
  15. G

    Gator Pit Party Gator with Rock's BBQ Stoker included pick up in So Cal

    Gator Pit offset smoker is a few years old but in great condition. It has many extras like Adjustable tuning plates, Charcoal basket with T-plates, Brass ball valve grease drain, ash rake, stoker fan blower adaptor w/ probe vent. Check out the website for all the details...
  16. J

    Offset Noob / Pork Shoulder 1st Try

    Hey all. So I wanted to reach out and ask a few questions to all individuals that cook with an offset. A few weeks ago I purchased a custom built smoker from someone. They were moving and didnt want to take it with them so I bought it. Thick 1/4" steel!. Got it home and cleaned out old ash along...
  17. T

    Stick burner help

    Last Summer I had purchased one of the original Oklahoma Joe's that was made in Perry Oklahoma. It 1/4" and the welds on it are impeccable. The smoker itself is in great shape and has no rust what so ever. One thing that I am having problems with is the heat distribution across the grate. I have...
  18. K

    Afternoon from VA

    Howdy, Name is Kevin and I am new to smoking meats. I live in the Northern Virginia area. Today is my first attempt at offset smoking. I am smoking a 6lb bone in half-ham, harvested from a wild boar. I went with a rub on the ham then wrapped in bacon because it’s lean. I am attempting this with...
  19. Jgurley561


    I've been experimenting with coffee and bourbon and fresh rosemary in my sweat box while smoking a butt. Anyone else tried it? I'm using hickory logs and a homemade rub of sugar, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika.
  20. Norm Kopesky @ CBM

    New BBQ restaurant in the works

    Good morning Wisconsin, My brother and I are spooling up for a restaurant space, we have farted around making central Texas style bbq for a couple years now and thought we would give it a go. We are currently running (1) 500 gallon homemade offset stick burner and (1) 1000 gallon homemade offset...
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