Rib racks for pork ribs in my Yoder YS640 - several questions

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Jul 1, 2023
We will soon be entertaining a few of my wife's relatives from the UK. On the 4th of July, we are doing a huge BBQ effort (for me anyway).

My Yoder YS640 has finite grilling area and I have to cook 9 racks of loin ribs. There is not enough "flat" grill space for all of the racks of ribs, so I have acquired two Australian six rib racks in food grade stainless steel. I can have the choice of one rack perpendicular to the long axis with the other in line with the long axis or put both racks perpendicular to the long axis. (I would use the first orientation when I use my Traeger 8 (just found in our storage after ordering the two new ones) rib rack and one of the six rib racks in the fall as the 8 rib rack would fill the lower level with no room for the 6 rack if parallel to the long axis of the Yoder.

The racks all have enough space between the supports that the ribs will have an air gap between each rack. I currently plan for one rack to have five ribs and the other four ribs.

I have mixed up a rub found on the web that includes the usual five or six ingredients. I am planning on a no wrap cook using "Apple flavor" pellets and no sauces applied until after being served where each person can select their ribs to stay dry or add a commercial BBQ sauce.

Should I expect a longer cook time due to the mass of 9 ribs vs the usual two or three racks ribs? The readings seem to give me a cook time estimate from four to eight hours. I do have a commercial insulated storage box where I can put the stainless steel restaurant style containers with the meat for letting the ribs rest when they get to around 200 degrees.

I plan to rotate the the racks 180 degrees every 45 minutes and have them swap their locations as well since the cook surface is not uniform in temperatures at every square inch of grill surface.. Thee will be air temp probes on both racks plus meat temp probes in two racks of each group to monitor progress.

I would appreciate any suggestions.
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