CrazyQ's BBQ Trailer Build

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Meat Mopper
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Feb 7, 2014
Abilene, TX
Started this build a few months back. I had a lonestargrillz trailer pit that worked well but i did not like the construction of the trailer. To many flaws in my eyes so im starting fresh. I cut the othe trailer up and sold it for scrap, put legs and casters on the 24x48 offset and sold it to a friend at work.

What im currently building is a 24x60 RF with 2" insulated firebox, dry storage compartment with stainless top and sink, and added my safe to it as well. Trailer is constructed of 2x3 11ga tubing. 3500 lb single axle and a set of chevy 15x8 wheels i cleaned up, repainted, and put new center caps and beauty rings on. Anyways, heres some pics of the progress up to its current state and ill update as i get more progress accomplished.
















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Howdy. That's a nice size build. Mine is the same size. Based on the pictures, I'm concerned that your rf plate will sit way high. The volume under the rf plate should be about 1/3 of the volume of the cooking chamber. It looks like it will end up being half based on the firebox placement. Perhaps it's just the camera angle. I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm sure the experts will look at it and give their opinion. It's easier to fix now than later, if there is a problem.

Looking nice though! Hard to build in this weather lately! Good luck!

The top of my FB to CC hole is just under the grate level, but im going to take a piece of plate on inside and have it angle downward to the reverseflow plate at the appropriate level it will need to be at. I will more then likly double it to try and buffer the heat coming straight out of the FB hopefully giving me the best chance at an even temp left to right as i can get.
And my firebox does sit higher then usual but there is 2.5" of just plate and insulation. Then my FB to CC hole is about another 2.5-3" lower then that.
No i did alot of modifications to it but it was initially a lonestargrillz pit trailer. Poorly put together and after all the mods i did to it i decided it was a lost cause and started from a clean slate doing it exactly how i want it.
So this is a very basic drawing of how im thinking of going with the reverse flow design. Keep in mind my firebox has 2" of insulation kn all sides.

Red is FB inlet and CC to FB inlet.

Green is reverse flow plate.

Blue is deverter plate with 1" air gap.

Orange are representing the dual grates.

Got the doors cut out and straightened. Got the reverse flow plate in, got the grate racks in, got three of the grate frames done. Pretty productive day.





I like the proportion's  really balances out   LOOK'S GREAT

Thanks! yeah I've put more time in thinking everything out and making sure I'm getting it exactly how I want then I have worked on it I think haha. it should be a great cooker tho once I'm done.
Got the three grates finished, got the drains in, and got the end cap on it. Fourth grate and doors tomorrow.



Thanks, taking me some time it done but it seems anytime I take a brake to get a breather I see something that needs improvement or I get some new ideas to add to it haha.
Thanks, taking me some time it done but it seems anytime I take a brake to get a breather I see something that needs improvement or I get some new ideas to add to it haha.
That's the mark of a craftsman vice a rod burner. Anyone can puddle metal and grind and buff. A man who can modify to make the design better is hard to come by. I am no welder never burned a rod but I have ground a few stringers and bevels and fought a few lineup clamps in my time and I even know a nickel lace job when I see one. There is a big difference.

The biggest problem I ever saw was knowing when to back away, roll 'em up and put the mind into neutral....LOL
Just wanted to say hello to you Mr Crazy! The build is looking great and naturally I have a question for you… The photo of the end of the CC opposite of the FB has what looks like a drain plug! Was this a planned thing or??  Thanks for the posting the photos.

yes, I have the main drain with the valve for what collects on top of the reverse flow plate which will be the drippings from the food or grease or water if I choose to add it. the other drain with the cap is just in case liquipd or water ends up in the area under the reverse flow plate. or if I ever need to get that area cleaned out.
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