CrazyQ's BBQ Trailer Build

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That is going to be one heavy duty smoker,

Must have hit the wrong button. Didn't mean to post on CQ thread. Was just asking him a question. But thanks garys
#1 - i wont insulate another one. It does help but with the extra cost and work that goes into it, in my opinion, its not worth it. But i wanted to go all out on it and so i did.

#2 - i did that cause i like the look of it and it made it so i could use the entire length of the CC for cooking space and it wouldnt interfere with the door opening. I like the box better then just welded to the end or making a 90 degree out of the pipe.
Have been reading this thread and love it!  Thanks for the frank answer on insulating the firebox.  I've been considering it in my build and you just made my mind up for me.

One question...Early on you mentioned you intended to install door stops but I don't see them.  Is there something in the hinge design that eliminates the need for them?

Very professional build!

Did you happen to use 3" × 2" tubing when you made the frame for your trailer
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How thick of steel did you use for your firebox n what kind of insulation did you use? Your smoker looks awesome I hope mine turns out as good
I know this is an older thread but I gotta say, man that's literally a dream rig you build! Its actually what i want, size of smoker, sink, storage... only thing i might like to add is a grill for snacks while waiting. May i ask how hard the build was? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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