CrazyQ's BBQ Trailer Build

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That's the mark of a craftsman vice a rod burner. Anyone can puddle metal and grind and buff. A man who can modify to make the design better is hard to come by. I am no welder never burned a rod but I have ground a few stringers and bevels and fought a few lineup clamps in my time and I even know a nickel lace job when I see one. There is a big difference.

The biggest problem I ever saw was knowing when to back away, roll 'em up and put the mind into neutral....LOL
Thanks your the compliments!

yeah I really enjoy it. I could honestly leave my welds alone and they would be nice clean "stack of dimes" as they call them but I really like the smooth corners. my edges on the firebox and cook chamber are only ones I buff smooth tho. the rest stay as they are.
CrazyQ, everything looks great. Made some nice progress this weekend and it's really transforming into a nice cooker!
I havnt insulated it yet, im gonna see how it does first and if the hot spot shows up and its a bad hot spot itll be an easy addition so we'll see how it does first.

Well here is what i got done as of today, figured it up and ive put in just under 40 hrs over the kast three days of work time in this thing. Before sun up and after sun down. Finally shut her down this afternoon and heres where i finished. The hinges and handles were made by Bullypitbbq on here. Quality, fit, and finish are second to none. Im very impressed with them and highly recommend him to anyone that needs some custom fab like this done. Saved me a heck of alot of time.






Thanks! Yeah its really starting to move along now. I'll be burning wood in no time haha.
What a great looking smoker so far.... my question is after looking at pics.... No lip on the end of the RF plate to guide the drippings into the drain and keep drippings from dropping down into the bottom ?
Cook chamber is pretty much done. Firebox door and stack topper on the chopping block next and then i can do the first seasoning on it and first cook.



No with the tight fit if the doors and the door straps i shouldnt need any. The firebox door will get a seal tho. And a freezer door latch so when it closes, it closes tight.
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I thought I might go with a heavy gasket on my current build but decided not to with how nice my doors sealed up also, I'm just going to run a bead of black high temp silicon right at the lip to " soften " the door as is closes. My firebox seals so tight now that I have to use a screwdriver to pry the door open enough to break the seal.
Yeah im gonna cook with it and see how it goes. These doors are such a tight fot that gasket or rtv would just make them close bad actually make an opening so.
I'm going to do the trick with Saran Wrap on the tank and apply the sealant to the door flange then clamp them shut, trim off whatever squeezes out with a razor after it dries.

Not so worried about the seal, just like the way there is no clanging when door shuts.
The workmanship and design is excellent, but I am waiting for the paint. That is an amazing job on the smoker. I have to see how he'll compliment it with the pit. It will be interesting to see.

This is one of those that should be entered in a competition for trailer mounded Pro Pits.
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