CrazyQ's BBQ Trailer Build

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Thanks guys. Its definitly taking shape and moving quickly now.

Offset will be notmal pit satin black. The trailer and storage sides will be the same viper red as the cabinet smoker.

I also have a few other "extras" up my sleeves im gonna try and add to it but ya'll have to wait to see them haha.




How do you like working with and having that 3/8" pipe? That's all I've been able to find but I'm not sure I want to go that route
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same as using 1/4 just a little stiffer on the door adjustments but not bad. i used my floor jack and a chain and they went right back. turn the heat up on the welder to weld the caps and stack and press on. 
This morning I almost just got a miller 350p , but someone snagged it a few minutes before me,

Did just get a Lincoln dc600 and a ln7 in good shape,...really was excited about the 350p though, it had pulse on pulse
Yeah, these were free, that's why I was so exited. I've been using a Lincoln 180t for light fab work, good unit, but worry about running it too hard. My plan was to put .25 on the 180t, set up the 350 for aluminum work and ..030, put .045 on the dc400, and set up the dc600 with 1/16 wire for heavy plate. Then I'd be set up nice.
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it'll be tomorrow and i got a butt and rack of ribs to throw on it, your more then welcome to swing by man. i'll be skinning the dry storage box too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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