Couple SS Chubs

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Dec 25, 2010
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Using some cloth bags.

Fresh ground 85/15 GB........3lbs

Owens BBQ SS mix

Cure 1


LHP into 1/4 cup cold distilled water, mix set aside add last.

My raw sample as i need to drop the Ph down to 5.0 or a tad lower.

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rockNroll  (just felt like saying that)

I am sure after reading many of your posts these will turn out great. Are you doing anything different as far as spice / flavor goes?
Looks good so far ,,, I really need to learn this whole fermentation thing LOL 

Any different steps you are doing on this?? 
Looks good so far ,,, I really need to learn this whole fermentation thing LOL 

Any different steps you are doing on this?? 
Nothing major different. Like a semi dry SS.

Couple day hang time then some smoke time.
Waiting for that money shot....That is going to be good if it is anything like your other works of art......
The fermented SS chubs turned out pretty good. Next time a full 5lbs.

I Like the old world SS taste, semi dry not like the over saturated wet preservative junk you buy in the store.

The cloth muslim bags work great as usual. Using the lhp dry was better for this application than the tspx.

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The larger chub, taking the cloth off, sliced in half and vac sealed. Heading up to Allentown, PA.

Some info on the cloth bags. My wife makes them from un bleached muslin cloth. They will take smoke very fast and will get oily while smoking. I do not hot water these to get a final IT. Not saying you cant but the water will get a layer of fat floating. If you SV these make sure they are shorter than your bag as the ends may cut the bag allowing water to enter. Better to SV these in a 2gal zip lock to you can check IT from the top of the chub so that when you hang to cool you dont get any liquid dripping from the bottom. If you cold water them do it while the chub is still in the bad and only between 1-2 mins to firm the oil on the cloth, then hang. The bag will leave a harder RIND on the outer of the meat, if you dont like that this method may not be for you.


Your results may vary.
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