Braised and Confused

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Looks like a great time. And congrats on the placing. I personally dont see a problem with the pig in the yard....LOL
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That's a lot of work, but it looks like you guys had a great time. Congratulations.

Point for sure
Thank you Chris! It was a lot of work, but so much fun!
Fantastic Jed , congrats to you and your team.
Great placing with a 1st and 2 - 4th placings

Love the pig trophy. And a great time with lots of fun work

Lots of work , and the funds for charity. perfect

Thank you David! They raised a lot of money and winning team gets to pick the charity. Definitely worth the time and effort for that reason, but the beer and hanging out is a huge bonus🤣
Great times and fun by all. Congrats Jed!
Thank you Brian!
wow, great story and pictures!! looks like a great time and congrats on winning the pig!!! thanks for sharing this!
Thank you! The Pig is a ton of fun and the streets of neighborhoods actually take pride in hosting it, people stop in front of my house and yell out challenges for next year🤣
Congratulations You put together a great lookin meal there! That looks like a great time win or loose
Thank you! Yes, didn’t do so great last year, but still a ton of fun!
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Great pics and story Jed and congrats on the win ! Food certainly looks trophy worthy!

Thank you Kieth, we were pretty proud of how it came out! Kind of a rush to feed that many people and get compliments while at it! I appreciate your time!
Great post Jed. I can see the effort y'all put into such a fun event. Congrats to you and the team! Well deserved.
Thank you! It was a lot of work, but Definitely worth it!
Wow Jed that looks like an absolute blast! I would love to do something like this. You guys killed it. The food all looks amazing and happy to hear you won the pig! Congrats!!
Thank you! I appreciate your time and the compliment! Maybe next year you can come out and be a ringer!
Great job guys!
You look like your just having too much fun!
Thank you Al! It was so much fun! Wish it would have gone one more day!
Awesome job Jed, food looks fantastic. I know it is a ton of work but the recognition by the other teams is great to earn.

BTW on the one pic with the 3 guys pulling the beef what are those 2 helicopter things on the table in black? Is that to keep bugs away? If so I need a few of those, I am a bug-o-foab with my food.
Thank you Cliff!
Looks like an awesome time with awesome food! Gotta love the trophy...and better yet, great thing your wife is so proud of it! :emoji_blush:

Thank you Ryan! I knew you’d appreciate the trophey🤣
Wow! Great stuff
Thank you!
Looks like a great time and a well deserved victory, nice work! RAY
Thank you RAY! I put way too much effort into organizing and doing it, but it was a great distraction from reality🤣
Way to go, Jed!!
Outstanding Gang doing Fantastic work!!
Everything looks so freaking Good!!
Nice Job, Everyone!!
And Thanks for showing!!

Thank you Bear! I appreciate your time and compliments! The team worked awesome together and had a blast!
What an awesome thread! And such a great tradition!! That looks like one HELL of a food party! I LOVE that pig trophy!!!! LOL! Congrats on the win! That has got to be something to look forward to every year....and what a great way to raise money for charity!!
Thank you Sir! I’m still kind of new to the neighborhood, but it is a great tradition and everyone has fun. Live music too🤙 Winning the pig trophy is a riot and it’s even more funny when you realize how seriously people take it🤣 Definitely a big bonus all the money goes to great causes too!
Jed, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun to go along with the hard work. Congrats on the wins.

Thank you Stu! I appreciate your time!
Looks like a great time. And congrats on the placing. I personally dont see a problem with the pig in the yard....LOL
🤣 Me neither! I’m very proud of the pig! Thank you!
WOW, Jed!! What a good time that had to be!!
Thank you! Outstanding couple days all around!
Jed you guys killed it! Every bit of your cook was on poInt. The apps especially look amazing.
Thank you Jeff! I appreciate the compliment, all of you here were big contributors! I put an updated recipe onto the posted thread, I highly recommend them, taste pretty amazing! Hm, I’ll post the recipe at the end of this original post too.
All Hail the Waynewood Pig! To quote Charlotte the spider, that’s “Some Pig!”

What great event and I see nothing but smiles, loads of friends, and amazing food. Congratulations.
Haha! You nailed it, all around great time! I appreciate it Sven!
Alright alright alright!
Not sure how I missed this originally! Congrats! Looks like one heck of a time and cook! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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