Couple quick projects - new pics added as I take them

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  1. Had a customer who wanted a bench & thin cutting board to put in her "summer Kitchen".  She said the room had a lot of walnut, cherry & oak so this is what I ended up making for her. 

    She was pleased & now her friend wants me to make a shelf for her daughter  [​IMG]
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  2. Beautiful craftsmanship!!!
  3. jrod62

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    Nice job Thumbs Up
  4. Thanks! [​IMG]  I won't sell anything I wouldn't be happy to use or display myself. I haven't had anyone yet who wasn't well satisfied with what they had me make them - Knock on wood... [​IMG]
  5. A friend wanted my help building a cold box...

    Trusty panel saw comes in handy for stuff like this...

    Need to make a lid for it...

    Cabinet door for someone else. I still need to glue it together & stain it...
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  6. Very nice!!!!!

    You should consider making some charcuterie boards to sell, good ones are hard to find here in America.

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  7. Thanks Martin [​IMG]    Are charcuterie boards traditionally made from a certain type of wood?
  8. Various woods as I understand it.

  9. Ok I'll do a bit of research & see about making one or maybe a couple styles out of different wood...
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    Very nice !
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    Beautiful Work!  Impressed!
  12. Thank you! 
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    Very Nice work ....[​IMG]
  14. Nice work Smokin B..well done. [​IMG]
  15. Thanks guys!  [​IMG]

  16. I needed a little more storage in my shop so I threw together some shelves with casters...

    Got an order for a knotty pine bench so I made it too...
  17. You do nice work!! smoking B
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    Great craftsmanship there. I have some friends in Sleepy Eye and New Ulm MN that do stuff like that. They go around after Christmas picking up all the discarded trees and make tables and all sorts of this like that.
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    Maybe one day I will be able to set up a shop..... Great looking work....I love the smell of fresh cut wood....
  20. Thank you very much guys!  [​IMG]

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