Projects, a craving, and friends!

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Nov 9, 2019
Nw Iowa
Ok so maybe not as original as some of Buckeyedude Buckeyedude is for his thread titles... but haven't been slacking! A few things crossed off my list for now.
Did a small batch of kabonsy and some Red Barn bologna... stuffed into cloth bags.


Have to thank Rich, chopsaw chopsaw for helping me out solving some issues I was having... Turning out much better quality now!


Did get some of Bearcarver 's meltaways made but no pics ( I know, I know). But part way through January the chocolate covered peanut butter balls craving came, my wife wasn't around to do her impeccable job on the chocolate coating but...


For some reason I ended up with a craving for cheddar and broccoli soup this weekend. No build pics but complete with some hard bread ( croutons) and added cheese... balls! By the way... the dogs love them!


Needed to cure and cold smoke some bacon...


Didn't get as nice as color as normal but still smelled amazing!


After two days of cold smoking and a rest in fridge uncovered... by the way, the peanut butter meltaways I didn't take pictures of... got cold smoked in the fridge by the bacon! This is pure happiness!


And packaging, we do 1/2 lb packs for the two of us... we can always get more out when the kids come home.


Was almost out of smoked cheddar cheese so did 6 lbs of cheddar and 6 lbs of colby jack . Love the cheese cutting board a rendezvous friend made!


In the smoker with amnps with apple pellets for 4 hours


After an overnight rest in fridge uncovered, all vac sealed.


Sometimes things get busy and sausage making doesn't always work out . It happens to us all. I'm not a huge sausage maker but as Charles, Gonna Smoke Gonna Smoke had some delays, I've had some too! Had 2 pork butts was gonna grind, life happens so zip lock bags into the freezer... not long ago my wife was vac sealing meat and was gonna vac seal the butts, I told her leave them out... ground them and packaged in 1 Kg batches. Have never had Italian sausage before so... yep! A small batch, wife and I both liked the test fry patty.


So that's it for food! Now if you don't know me, my phone is filled with food pics and our beloved pets!

Kya... mom said treats!


I can sit pretty mom!


Kali... nice to meet you!


I'm a big girl mom!


Based off her nose and height on calendar on fridge... 4' 10"... yes I measured lol!
Can't leave out the elder... he's 15, and momma has popcorn that they all love!


Ok, so I lied, it did happen... pics! Have a few left!


Have to brag about some of my wife's projects... she made blankets for two of our nieces



Thanks for stopping by!

You've got a bucket list item, a tribute to an old friend, some amazing looking sausage, and the best smoking buddy you could ever have. Can't critique this one it passes on all fronts.

Also, the blankets are dynamite
Thank you! I appreciate it! Just get busy or lazy to post.

And just to show I'm an equal opportunity pet lover... we don't have cats anymore but this is at my dad's...


A little better idea of the situation...


Guess he's bird hunting!

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Holy moly Ryan…….talk about a make up post! That stash of bacon is a beautiful thing!
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Holy moly Ryan…….talk about a make up post! That stash I’ve bacon is a beautiful thing!
Thank you! Might be why I've never made burnt ends from anything... pick my poison... or heart clogger ! Lol

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Excellent post to show off your business. It all looks great. Ms Shelby makes a pretty blanket too. And of course you cant go wrong posting up the puppers!

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BH, You have been a very busy man,great post and your smokes look awesome (as do your dogs).
Thanks CM, it's been fun! Sadly my to do list never gets smaller... for some reason always find new things to try!

Excellent post to show off your business. It all looks great. Ms Shelby makes a pretty blanket too. And of course you cant go wrong posting up the puppers!

Thank you Jim! Best thing about the blankets will be seeing the looks on their faces. We sure love our furry buddies!

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Amazing you even had the energy to author that post with all that you accomplished Ryan! Great job on getting all that work knocked out and finished. Now do more! RAY
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WOW, Ryan!! First I'll start with the 4-legged fur covered children. Beautiful pack you've got there.

Second, look at all that bacon! I can only imagine the smell. What's that, about 2 month's worth? 🤣

Third, that's a bunch of cheese and it looks great. Haven't yet attempted smoked cheese, but maybe soon. I need to do a bunch of reading on it first.

Fourth, crocheting and knitting are fast disappearing, I'm afraid. My mother, aunt, and both my grandmothers did it, as well as needle point. I have some cherished pieces from them. The blankets are very nice and I know your nieces will be very appreciative...
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Holy cow, Ryan - Ya'll been busy! Every one of those food items looks terrific! and Shelby's blankets are beautiful!

Good to see those pups are still ruling the roost lol!

Thanks Red, I appreciate it! And as far as I'm concerned they rule the roost... wife still thinks she's in charge... I'm not saying a word!

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