Some Holiday Welding Projects (Lotsa Pics)

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At least she matched the colors with the zip ties ;-)
You're going to need a new welder soon. You're wearing that one out.
Yes, she did match the zip ties. She told me had some green ones and I didn't believe her. I'd never seen them in green but she was right.

As for the new welder, you hit that nail square on the head. The first one was a super cheap one I bought just for 2 very small projects. Last week I got a new Lincoln unit. Man what a difference!! That thing is sweet.

Great work Robert. Better watch out tracy will have you building a welding shop!
Thanks so much Jim. I'd be OK if she wanted me to build a shop. Would love to have one and could utilize my contacts in the business to get some good deals...and we do have the land to put it on.

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Nice job Robert, Is Tracy going to have you make Easter bunnies for Easter next?
Now just quit that Cliff!! :emoji_laughing: It was bad enough that I had the last one built yesterday and was getting ready to clean the garage. NOPE!! ?Out comes Tracy with a "request" for two more projects. Don't need to be making bunnies thank you.

Then he'll need equipment to bend steel for curves. That shop is getting crowded
You have no idea how close to being on point you are. I came very close to buying a steel bender when I was building smokers. Still might but I know Tracy would come up with some off-the-wall stuff she wanted me to build. Gotta admit though, it'd be fun to see what I could come up with one of those.

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I bet you could make one fancy beer pole Robert.
Well, had not thought about it but I bet you're right. The issue is that I really have no use for a beer pole. Got lots of places in my domain to safely place beers. I'll say this though. If I do get the bug to fabricate stuff to sell at the craft fairs, I'll darned sure make some of these.

Very creative, Robert, it all looks great! It's got to so satisfying to see a project you envisioned and created, completed and realize how well it turned out...
Thanks so much Charles but to be honest, the most gratifying part has been the reactions of the people we've given the gifts to. There is a unique factor to the things and the fact that they were made by hand really gets people emotional.

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Foe my daughter, a makeup table with LED lights on a dimmer, built-in power and phone chargers
Wow...that is impressive and way out of my league. Beautiful...and thoughtful present for your daughter.

Practice makes it easier for the next projects. Looks good Robert
You don't know how right you are. With each one I learned a little technique or twist that made things easier and improved quality. This project has been a great learning experience.

No apologies necessary Robert. . .You are an artist with a welding rod!
Thanks so much john but I'm actually using a Mig welder with spool wire. I'd probably set the house on fire if I had to use something that took skill and practice :emoji_astonished:

Very nice work Robert! The trees and snowflakes look very festive with the lights on them, may they bring lots of snow and holiday cheer your way!
Thanks so much Joe. Thus far they have brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people. that's what it's all about though.

Love them Robert! When I saw planters I was oh man nice fire pit then saw the planter..... I had visions of fire roasted beef on them not a rose peddles
Too funny!! I had the same thoughts as the first planter was coming together. This is only 11 ga. steel though so I don't know if it would take the heat. I know the paint would get torched in a matter of seconds. I do however have some heavier steel....:emoji_wink:

What welder are you using? brand? 110 or 220 Among many things I want to learn is welding...eventually. With enablers on this place my list of things I want to do keeps getting bigger. Now that I got the Kitchenaid with grinder and stuffer attachments brats, sausage and snack sticks are up next.
I've mentioned in a couple of threads being buried in metal fabrication building stuff for Tracy to give to friends for Christmas presents. A number of you have asked to see some of the stuff. I've been taking pics for several weeks and it took a few minutes to get them all together and organized.

A few weeks back before the weather turned nasty, we were sitting down on the pool deck enjoying a couple of barley pops. Tracy came up with this brain storm that I needed to make Christmas trees and planter boxes. Uh...sure thing dear...whatever you say honey...y'all know the drill. Ok, planter boxes don't sound all that difficult but how the heck am I gonna make a tree? Went to one of the job sites here and snatches a decent sized piece of OSB and started trying to lay out a design for the tree. Nothing worked...not even close. Got frustrated after a couple hours and did what I usually do: just start cutting steel and piecing it together.

Tree #1. it is a little over 3' tall and about that wide. A lot of pieces and a lot of welding in a very small area.
View attachment 650523

End caps in to finish it off and painted.
View attachment 650524
View attachment 650525

Tracy installed the lights with zip ties. Her idea....not mine.
View attachment 650526

I did 6 of these and SWMBO thought she heeded a bigger one....a LOT bigger. this one is over 6' tall
View attachment 650527

Lit up.
View attachment 650528

Now we move on to planter boxes. this is the first one. I just kinda shot from the hip. (You can see the lines on the OSB where I was trying to lay out the trees)
View attachment 650529
View attachment 650530
View attachment 650531
View attachment 650532

The next planter. Similar concept, different approach, and a larger unit.
View attachment 650534
View attachment 650535

And a third planter box. Totally different design. I've now been contracted to do two more of these in different sizes.
View attachment 650537
View attachment 650538
View attachment 650539

Now of all things, snowflakes. No comments from the peanut gallery please. This was not my idea, I'm just the support mechanism. This is the first one. No progress pics. Both of these are 32" tall and 32" wide.
View attachment 650533

The second one. I don't know what happened to the finished pics. It's a different design with more cutting and more welding.
View attachment 650536

Finally and alas, Tracy had to have a bigger and better snowflake of course. Here is her 3 1/2' tall version.
View attachment 650540

All told I've completed 12 projects and have the two more planter boxes pending. This ladies and gentlemen is why I've been pretty much absent for a couple weeks. Sure am glad i ordered about 3Xas much steel as she thought I'd need when this melee started though. I came home with over a half ton of plate and square tubing, a large portion of which has been cut up. Got enough left to finish the last couple projects but I just knew she was gonna come up with more than the 3 things she first said she wanted me to make. Women are like least she is :emoji_laughing: Oh well, time for a beer or twelve. Y'all take care and apologies for the long post but some of y'all asked for it :emoji_wink:

Wow nice work. One thing about the tree is it will not dry out and will last for years. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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