Some Holiday Welding Projects (Lotsa Pics)

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You are very talented!! Everyone of them looks awesome!!
Appreciate it!! I wouldn't necessarily call it talent. More like it's just a determination to get it done and see things through to the end.

Very nice! My Dad loved building things out of metal.
Thank you for the kind words. My dad wasn't into building with steel, more with wood, fiberglass, and special fabric. We built a couple of hang gliders in the basement as well as a fully aerobatic airplane. That was a LONG project but oh so much fun.

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Some truly fantastic craftsmanship displayed in your efforts Robert, so creative and well executed!
Thank you my friend. It was quite a challenge figuring some of the stuff out but all came out well in the end. Glad you were able to find a way out of what the wife had in mind for you :emoji_wink:

Very creative, Robert, it all looks great! It's got to so satisfying to see a project you envisioned and created, completed and realize how well it turned out...
Wow! That’s pretty awesome work! Man, you are busy🤣 Spreading Christmas cheer and making SWMBO is always a worthwhile effort though!
Very much appreciate it Jed. I know it sounds like I do a lot of complaining about these projects but truth be told, I enjoy the challenge and if I don't have something to do, I get bored. When I get bored it costs a lot of $$ for me to entertain myself. The folks at Amazon always know when I have nothing to do :emoji_laughing:

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Robert as always , great talent and fantastic projects. They look amazing. Love them all
I bet the planters have some weight to them.
It really isn't a talent David. Talent is something a person is born with. This is a skill, which is something developed along the way and I'm still a long way from being truly skilled.
How come you have not made Tracy any iron Snowmen
STOP THAT!! Sheesh, and all this time I thought we were friends :emoji_laughing:

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You been busy! Very nice work. Going to be some happy people.
Thank you Brian and yes, I have been busy. You're correct though, the reactions we have gotten from people are almost enough to bring a tear to your eye. Been some priceless responses from folks.

Foe my daughter, a makeup table with LED lights on a dimmer, built-in power and phone chargers


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Nice builds!
That is very stout material in those projects tx smoker tx smoker and R RJB .
Local fab guy at home calls it the 3 elephants rule. If it can support ...

I bet you could make one fancy beer pole Robert.

Check with JckDanls 07 JckDanls 07
Keith has a slick beer & charcoal chimney pole that is portable for camping use.
I'm making one when I go home next spring and have the shop tools.
Very nice work Robert! The trees and snowflakes look very festive with the lights on them, may they bring lots of snow and holiday cheer your way!

Excellent job my friend.
Love them Robert! When I saw planters I was oh man nice fire pit then saw the planter..... I had visions of fire roasted beef on them not a rose peddles.... LOL

I think the fabrication bug has bit you!
I don’t know how you are able to get so much done. Do you sleep?
Awesome work there Robert!
Thanks Al. I do sleep...probably more than I should but less than I'd like :emoji_laughing: I'm just fortunate that my job allows me to set my own schedule. I get up in the middle of the night basically, get my work done, and that allows me time in the afternoons to work on silly stuff for Tracy :emoji_wink:

Nice work Robert. I really like the last planter. Your skills are amazing.
Thanks Chris. That last planter was kind of a knee-jerk reaction that just happened to come out really well. So far it's the more popular of the two designs.

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