Costa Prima Cena, That's Latin for 'Prime Rib Dinner'...

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Costa Prima Cena, that's Latin for 'Prime Rib Dinner' which is what's going down here.

Smoked Prime Rib with Shishito Chimichurri
Fondant Potatoes
Chevre Bruschetta
Dark Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries

Smoked Prime Rib
Truss tightly with twine, this will give it a circular shape and ensure even cooking
Dry brine with kosher salt for 6-12 hours
Marinate for 6-12 hours in a 2:1 mix of A1 sauce and Worcestershire sauce
Liberally dust with fresh herbs and spices, rosemary, thyme, granulated garlic and onion, salt and pepper.
Smoke over hickory at 225°-250° to an IT of 130°




Sadly a few people have a problem with properly cooked beef, I told them if they wanted it Done or Well done, the broiler was on and they'd have to murder it themselves. They did.

Shishito Chimichurri
Saute a dozen or so large shishito peppers in a little olive oil, the chop them coarsely.
Chop about a half cup of parsley and add to peppers, add 1t minced garlic
Add approx 1T lemon juice and 1T zest, add 2T red wine vinegar and 1T olive oil
Carefully pulse to minced consistency in a food processor
Salt to taste
Chill for an hour or two before using


Fondant Potatoes
These are like fluffy tater clouds, that angels kick back on and play their harps.

Chevre Bruschetta

So damned good!

Dark Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries
2 large cans of whipped cream
4c fresh Raspberries
1- 6.8oz size bar, Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate
1c Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate powder
2.25c white sugar
4c heavy cream
4t vanilla extract
4t unflavored gelatin
1/4c cold water
1/2c boiling water
Combine gelatin and cold water, stir well and allow gelatin to soften for 10 minutes
Add boiling water to gelatin and stir well, allow to cool a bit, very warm.
Mix the chocolate while it cools
Combine chocolate and sugar, mix well, add cream and vanilla, whip till it forms stiff peaks
Add gelatin and mix well, hold in fridge for at least 2 hours to firm up
Layer the mousse with the berries and whipped cream, grate the chocolate bar for garnish and add some chocolate hazelnut crepes
Makes about six two cup sized servings

These had folks sounding like Andrew Zimmern, "Mmmmmm! Ohhhhhh! That is so good!"


The Finale!
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Thanks man,
my pleasure to share with everyone else here.
You've seen my recipe index, right?
Thanks man,
my pleasure to share with everyone else here.
You've seen my recipe index, right?
Yes, one of my bookmarks!
can you splain the crepes for those of us uneducated?
The recipes are easy, it's the cooking them that takes a little practice.
Alton Brown can get you down with it.
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Great looking plate of food and the how to.

And don't make fun of me , but I would have to have a go at
your broiler for a bit. But that's just me.
But the flavors " outstanding "

Appreciate it David.
Yeah, I know some folks cant stand the sight of blood, pink meat, their dinner looking at them or moving.
It should still be a crime to do that to near perfect prime rib though.:emoji_laughing:
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John, what a fantastic meal...

I have one of these around here, too...:emoji_wink:
Thanks Charles.

Mine are so bad about, that when I splurge for Prime steaks I absolutely refuse to waste prime on them incinerating it, so I buy them a Select cut instead. Just say no to shoe leather!
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