Cookshack Smokette Elite Model SM025 or Smokin Tex 1400 or Smokin it #2

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Jan 5, 2012
Tsawwasswn , British Columbia
I am considering these 3 smokers - Cookshack Smokette Elite Model SM025  or Smokin Tex 1400 or Smokin it #2

Can anybody help me as to the pros and cons with these smokers.

I am presently on gas GOSM and having been smoking meats for about 6 years.  Time to move up from my GOSM and would like the ease of an electic smoker now.  

Can anybody help?

Thanks Smokin Al .  I read a previous thread by you that said to go to forum and rollcall to post a thread. Guess I did it wrong. New at this .

Your doing fine, roll call is for introducing yourself. After that just pick a section that you think your thread belongs. But it's OK if you pick the wrong place. One of the moderators will move it. Have a great day!
I am considering these 3 smokers - Cookshack Smokette Elite Model SM025  or Smokin Tex 1400 or Smokin it #2

Can anybody help me as to the pros and cons with these smokers.

I am presently on gas GOSM and having been smoking meats for about 6 years.  Time to move up from my GOSM and would like the ease of an electic smoker now.  

Can anybody help?


I don't believe you would go wrong with any one of those smokers.  It all depends on how much you want to take out of your wallet.  I've got the ST 1400 Pro and haven't had any problems.  Built like a tank.  Don't ever regret buying it. 

I found that I use it more than I thought I would. I will be using it tomorrow smoking two small pork shoulders. Mmmmmm....mmmmmm.....Guuuuuuuuud?!!!!!!

Enjoy whatever you buy.
Lots of Masterbuilt Electric owners and the New Models will be out soon...Good balance between size and affordability...JJ
I just looked at where I purchased my Smokin Tex ( and it's priced at $514.17 including s/h which is an awesome deal.  I paid $535.00 from them a year ago.  I recommend getting  the cart if you can afford it as well.  

Good Luck!!

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Just one thing I want to point out. When I did my research there were several articles that I read that indicated that the CookShack and the SmokinTex units were actually designed to be used in commercial kitchens. I just tried to find the articles but could not on a quick search but will look some more. This narrowed my decision down to those two units because of the reliability factor required to go into a commercial kitchen. 
If you've been doing this for years and are moving up...I'd go ahead and spend the money on a Cookshack...I've posted it's pro's elsewhere on this forum.  If you want, just PM me and I'll get on my soapbox again ;)
Save your money and go for a smokin tex or cookshack. I've had the 40" Masterbuilt for less than a year. Had to replace the temp probe once, lasted about two months from new. The second probe was free but didn't last 2 months (weekly use) oh well, don't need the probe.,  then the heating element went out. I'm switching to Cookshack. The Masterbulit was cheap,  but if you want to continue smoking opt for more expensive model. Better built.
This is my first post and I'm in a similar situation.  Been smoking on a Weber style grill.  Started looing into a "real" smoker and on the advise of a friend, decided to check out the electric smokers.  I'm down to the same 3 companies.......Cookshack, Smokin Tex, and Smokin-It.

I was hoping some of you would expound more in this thread on the pros and cons of the smokers in question.  I'll ask some detailed questions if anyone would like to share their experience to help me make a decision.

First, I'm looking at the Cookshack Smokette Elite, the Smokin Tex 1400, and the Smokin-It Model 3.

Of these 3, only the Smokin-It controller doesn't have temperature feedback to the controller.  So I would guess the controller temps set with the control knob result in the box maintaining that temperature on a "normal" day........but on a cold/windy/wet day, the internal temp of the box will likely be less than the temp set on the controller.......true?

I like the Cookshack products but they are expensive.  The Smokette Elite I'm considering is maore expensive than the other units......yet it is the smallest unit.  It's probably large enough for cooking for my immediate family, but if I invite my extended family over, what are the chances it will hold enough to smoke for my extended family (failrly large)?  The smoke box on the bottom of this unit seems to take up a large percentage of the already small cabinet.  Seems the Amerique is closer to the size of the Smokin-It Model 3........and it is $1,700+.  While I would love to have it, I can't justify spending that kind of money (could have several family get togethers catered by professionals for that amount).  How many country style ribs can be placed in the Elite at once?  (or how many baby back ribs or how many/how large a pork butt or how many/how large a brisket)  Looking for info that will let me know how much usable area there is.  Can anyone give my this info on the Smokin-It Model 3 or the Smokin-Tex 1400?

Do all these models create plenty of smoke?  I read that the Cookshack element turns on for a full 20 min at the beginning of a cook cycle to create an initial blast of smoke.  Do the other models do something similar?  Do all of them create plenty of smoke compared to smoking in an offset, wood burning smoker?  I've read that electric smokers don't produce a good smoke ring (on brisket for instance) but both Cookshack and Smokin Tex stated that adding charcoal to the wood box would release nitrates that produce a nice smoke ring.  Thoughts?

Are they all built tight and are they insulated well?  Seems good insulation would be a key to successful smoking of cold days or winter holidays where the weather is unpredictable.  Also, I'm guessing electric smokers in general don't produce the quantity of smoke you see from wood burning smokers so containing the smoke that is generated would seem to be important.  I must admit I'm speculting on the amount of smoke generated by electric smokers as I've never used one.  I talked to the mfgs and both Cookshack and Smokin-Tex had stories of their smokers being used successfully outside in very cold climates and in cold weather conditions (worse than I'll ever venture out in) but Smokin-It advised they bring their smoker in the garage or similar out of the cold/wind/wet.  I'm guessing this is because they don't have a temperature probe with feedback to the controller to maintain the desired temperature (speculation on my part).  Also, seems a tight cabinet would help maintain moisture inside the box.

Will a smoking recipe for one of these units likely work fine on any of these units?  I ask because Cookshack offers a cookbook and I think Smokin-Tex has recipes online, but Smokin-It doesn't offer recipies.  However, they suggested so many recipies were available on the internet there was no need and that recipies for other boxes would work for their unit as well.

How about maintaining temperature?  Seems Smokin-It boxes swing roughly 50 deg (25deg either side of setpoint), Smokin-Tex goes about 15 deg below and a little more than that above, and based off a chart I seen on thier website, Cookshack does maybe a little better (minus 5deg + 10-12deg).  Is only the average temperature important or does the temp swing matter much?

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from the knowledgable, experienced folks here!
I think the Smoken-it has a lower watt heating element compared to the other two which may have something to do with the wider swings.

I'm still using a Masterbuilt 30" which was my first purchase about 3-4 yrs ago.  I purchased it to get my feet wet to see if I would use a smoker enough to justify a bigger purchase.  It's still working so I haven't moved up yet but the people I know who have Cookshacks love them and have had zero problems.  I've been looking at these 3 brands myself recently.  I get tired of having to feed my MES chips and don't want to have to rely on an smoker generator in my smoker unless I'm doing a cold smoke.  I would like to be able to toss a couple of chunks in the smoker and walk away or go to sleep (depending on the start time) and not have to worry about smoke volume or electrical issues. 
I have the smokin it 2, not the three. I measured my temperature swings and they are less than 15 degrees. As to the element wattage, it is very well insulated and i've not had any twmerature issues, even wit it in the low 30s outside. I would recommend that you contact Steve at smokin it and he will answer all your questions. My temerature element is about 2inches above the wood box. I would buy another in a heartbeat......

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After researching the reviews for my last answer, I couldn't stand it and ordered a Cookshack Smokette Elite model SM025.  It should arrive on this Thursday or Friday.  So I put my money where my mouth was! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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