Christmas presents almost ready.

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Jun 1, 2008
This year for Christmas we decided to make gifts for our family and friends. Wife wants to do bottles of rub, summer sausage, and I added smoked cheddar. Waiting for the spice shakers to get here wed so do the rub. Did 15 lbs of cheddar(10lbs med 5lbs sharp) 25lbs of Summer Sausage.

Here is is all laid out.

Should be some good stuff. We "tested" the SS and it was spot on. Thanks for looking
Looks great and I'm sure those getting them will enjoy them

Now thats really nice of you and your. It's alot nicer to me if you make presents and food is always a good thing to do.
Looks great Brian...

Mine hasn't arrived yet either must be because I am so close to the local UPS hub...
(You know them UPS Drivers)
Man what a great idea, I need to start the tradition. 

P.S. - I love your sausage racks!
Thanks for sharing this - I hadn't thought about giving folks rub - what a GREAT idea!  That all looks really tasty - your friends and family are sure lucky!!
You did insert an order form in there just before you sealed up the package didn't you? You know they'll be wantin' more here in a few weeks
Already have orders for more. Packaged up the rub tonight. Ill get pics of that up.
Good glad you got my order and it didn't get lost
Here's the rub.

Everyone liked it. My wife put it together in a little basket with some candy she made and some oranges. Cant beat 70bucks for 9 gift baskets. I hope everyone had a great Christmas is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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